The First Of Many.


Yes it’s me. I’m back…..and on a brand new site.  After falling off the blogging horse, I’ve tried a few ideas to get back in the saddle again and nothing has worked for very long.

Ok no more horse type phraseology.

And so, in an effort to gee me up (sorry), I’ve decided to switch from Blogspot to WordPress. I’ve also chosen a very simple layout so that all you will get here are blog posts and associated photos when relevant.

Once again, all photos will be my own so please do not copy them without my permission.  I have the ability to check if any are used on other sites and if I find that has happened, the person involved will get the full extent of my “tut” of disgust.  So think on !

Gone are the side sections like “recent comments”, “blogs I follow”, “weather widgets”, “previous posts” and so on.  This will be a no frills blog with larger text and even larger photos.

My old blog posts will still be available here so feel free to dive into my blogging history if you have a few weeks to spare. Some were pretty good, if I do say so myself.  And I do say so !

Right; onwards and upwards as they say.  Let’s hope it’s a good journey and that you enjoy being on it with me.

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