Chinese & A Movie…..Or Not !

Well it’s Friday again and that normally means a Chinese meal and a movie round at D&S’s house.  That used to be the case every week but for the last year or so we’ve had different cuisines and so our Chinese takeaways have merged in with others in the rota.

In an effort to widen the choice, we’re going to make use of a takeaway ‘service’ called Just Eat  which claims to have over 17,000 restaurants on its books.  You just enter your postcode, choose the type of cuisine you’d like (or list them all) and you are presented with all the relevant restaurants that have signed up to deliver locally.  There are 132 that deliver to my postcode alone.

Pick one and you get their menu and just tick the items you want and the rolling total is displayed including delivery. Many offer a 20% discount for orders over £15 so we should get that tonight !

I was at a friend’s house a few weeks ago when she suggested getting some Indian meals this way so I saw it work in action. Ordering for 3 of us was as simple as it sounded and although it took an hour for delivery, the food was very well packaged, still very hot and most important, delicious.

So I think “The Leeds Tandoori” will be getting our business tonight and that’ll take care of the food side of things.

As for the movie title, well that’s not been resolved yet.  After last week (“Seven Psychopaths”……rubbish) I think we’ll go for a more gentle movie like “Monsters University”, “The Way Way Back” or “We’re The Millers”.  Then again we have “The Lone Ranger”, “White House Down” or “The Heat” for a bit more action.  Just not “Pacific Rim”. Oh no.

We have some standards.

4 thoughts on “Chinese & A Movie…..Or Not !

  1. Jay from The Depp Effect

    Oooh, that ‘Just Eat’ thingy sounds great! I’ve opened the link in another tab and I’m going to go and see what we have locally when I’ve left this reply.

    Movies? I haven’t been to one in such a long time. Must get to the Lone Ranger though!

    1. silverback69 Post author

      I think it’s only in a few of the larger cities, Judy, but maybe you will be in range of one !
      As for ‘going to the movies’ it’s been a long time for me too……Skyfall I think.

  2. Milo

    No decent take-aways around me I’m sad to say. That said, I haven’t checked out that link yet but will do so. Am sure there are lots near me (due to location) but many will be £££.

  3. dkzody

    Even though I live in a city of a half million, we do not have take-out delivery except for pizza and just a couple of college kids who will pick up your food that you already ordered and bring it round to you, when they feel like it. This service you describe sounds quite nice.


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