Spring Day Out

Wow I knew it had been some time since I stopped blogging…..but I’d no idea it had been 5 months !  I still haven’t exactly “got my muse” back but maybe writing this post will help a bit.

A couple of weeks ago I woke to a lovely blue sky Spring morning and despite it being a bit chilly, I decided to go for a road trip and that meant going somewhere new. Given that it would be dark by 5pm, I set myself a maximum distance of 100 miles to allow for a bit of fresh air tourism once I got to my destinations – which I also wanted to come with a sea view.

Looking at Google Maps, I decided on a drive north and east to the Yorkshire coast just above Whitby as there were a couple of seaside locations that looked picturesque and just as importantly, places I’d never been to before.

First up was Runswick Bay, a scenic seaside village 75 miles from home and 9 miles north of Whitby. I already knew from Google Street View that there was no parking in the village but there was a pay and display car park just a short walk from both the village and the beach.

What I didn’t know was that there was a pretty awkward barrier of large rocks piled up between the path to the beach and the beach itself. No old or disabled people could therefore get to the lovely sandy beach that I could see and this was a shame. I had quite a bit of trouble myself as I was carrying my camera and camera bag and I’m not as nimble as I used to be. A sad admission.

But once over the rocks, the beach was firm, wide and as well as stretching off into the distance, was all but empty. Well it WAS early March and the area was pretty much off the normal tourist path.  This photo looks back at Runswick village and the rocks I had to clamber over to get to the beach.

IMG_2239 (Large)

I didn’t stay there long as, lets face it, a beach on a cold Spring day has little to keep my interest once i’ve looked at the views.  I certainly wasn’t going to dip my toes in the water…….I rarely do that in mid summer !

But the village itself was something else. The steep streets were narrow lanes and as I walked along them to the far end of the village, I literally brushed past resident’s homes but felt like a peeping Tom as it was hard not to look into kitchens and living rooms as they were so close. I loved that the whole village was so well maintained and individual houses were almost picture perfect and displayed the obvious pride the owners took in the upkeep of their property….not always the way with seaside towns and villages.

This first photo shows the lifeboat station at the start of my walk up to the village proper. The middle photo shows just how steep the roads/lanes were and I just had to add the iconic British telephone box as they are fairly rare these days and always look good against a blue sky. The last photo was a bit posed as the resting couple were getting up to leave their bench but I spotted the clock above them and thought it would be a nice juxtaposition with the old couple. It wasn’t working so of course I had to make the usual observation that at least it would be accurate twice a day. A ‘joke’ in keeping with the clock and the people !

I didn’t realise till I looked at the photo more closely that the clock was made in Leeds !

IMG_2257 (Large) IMG_2260 (Large) IMG_2270 (Large)

Knowing that still photos would not convey the narrowness of the pretty lanes and the views of the neat homes along them, I took a short video on the way back from the far end of the village.

I’d only paid for 2hrs parking so needed to leave after that video but I plan on returning to the village this week to explore it some more.  I also needed to get going to my next port of call……Staithes.

Now I’d been to Staithes once before and wasn’t going to stop again but as I was driving right past it, I felt it would be a shame to do so. Last time I’d parked at the top of the very steep road that led down to the village and harbour but this time I didn’t fancy the climb back so drove down to try and get a parking spot closer to where I wanted to be. I was in luck as I found a perfect place on the High Street that allowed free parking for an hour.

I walked the short distance to the little harbour foot bridge, crossed to the other side of the inlet and walked up the steep road to a vantage point overlooking the harbour.  The tide was out but unlike the last time, there weren’t many boats lying high and dry on the mud which I felt spoiled the view. There were only 2 small boats and despite not bobbing on the water, they still added even more colour to the scene . I took the 3rd photo as I liked the composition of the lobster pots at the edge of the harbour and the pub name across the water.

IMG_2276 (Large) IMG_2285 (Large) IMG_2291 (Large)

Again I took a short video clip from the high vantage point overlooking the harbour which better shows the view I had.

All this fresh air and exercise had made me hungry and as it was after midday, I returned to the car with every intention of finding a pub along the road to my final destination and get some much needed refreshment.

I stopped at two such places only to find the first one didn’t ‘do’ lunch and the second one usually did, but on that day they’d given the chef the day off as it was his birthday !

Great !

So I decided I might as well drive on into Saltburn-by-the-Sea and get some traditional fish and chips…..being at the seaside after all.  The very first 2 places I saw as I entered the built up area of the town were a fish and chippy and a pay and display car park across the road from it.


After a good meal of sausage and chips at an outside table near the beach, I set off to explore and found the best pier I’d ever been on. Most piers have “amusement” areas along their length which are all well and good for most people but they just get in the way of a nice walk for me. This pier at Saltburn was totally free of such areas and as the following photo shows, was just a lovely long, wide pathway out over the long, wide beach.

IMG_2450 (Large)

The views from the pier were great too and once out at the end, I spotted a couple of hardy surfers who were making the most of the relatively small waves to show off their skills.

IMG_2430 (Large) IMG_2340 (Large) IMG_2428 (Large)

I sat on a bench at the end of the pier and people watched for a while. Then I left and as the cliff lift wasn’t operational till the end of the month, I climbed the dozens of steps up to a vantage point overlooking everywhere I’d been. The lift can be seen at the top of its rails in the first of these 2 photos……..

IMG_2448 (Large) IMG_2457 (Large)

Once again, here is a short video clip to put all these Saltburn scenes into perspective and as with all three clips in this post, apologies for any heavy breathing on the audio but lets face it, I’m overweight and unfit and did a LOT of climbing just before all of them.

So there you have it…..my first post in 5 months and it’s taken me several hours to complete it. Yes most of that time was editing the photos and uploading the videos to YouTube which I’d have done anyway…….so putting it all together here didn’t really take that much longer.

I’ll see how it goes but as Yoda would say, the muse is still not strong in this one !



13 thoughts on “Spring Day Out

  1. Joe McReynolds

    So good to see you back blogging again. Your high standard of photography combined with witty, interesting commentary is, as always. a joy to read. The Tower was a good school for teaching English, if nothing else.
    I remember being in Staithes as part of an Open University summer school. A great place for picking up fossils from the shore beneath the cliffs and Yorkshire is a great place for really good beer!
    Now I am convinced that I must restart my own blog again.

    1. silverback69 Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Joe. I agree that one of the few plus points about my time at GT was that I came away with a good standard of English which I hope has shown up in the blog posts what I wrote.

  2. silverback69 Post author

    Thanks peeps. I’m taking Daphne (mydadsacommunist) on the same route on Thursday so when I thought to myself I’d be back to those locations……I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Who knows, it might start her blogging again too.

  3. Simone Harrison


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  4. Sharyn

    I just retired one week ago! I am exploring retired teacher blogs to figure out what to do with myself. Yours wins, hands down. Absolutely gorgeous photography! I am from the US and love anything British for some reason. Thanks for giving me hope for a good retirement.

  5. silverback69 Post author

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Sharyn. I’m afraid I’ve still lost my writing muse but maybe with a bit of travel this summer, I might get it back again. It’s mostly been a travel blog and since I returned from America 2 years ago, my trips around the UK and Europe haven’t seemed as exciting or worth blogging about. I tend to forget that what is ‘common’ for me here, could be interesting for foreign readers !
    Anyway, I hope your retirement will be as enjoyable as mine has been for me and drop me an email if you want to keep in touch..

    1. Sharyn

      Well, I’d lost my teaching muse so we’re on equal ground. The common UK experience is new and different for US readers and very interesting so please, keep writing! I can’t figure out your email so drop me one and I can tell you all about living in Delaware.


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