Dear Diary……….

I used to like keeping a diary back in the day although in this case, back in the day means about 45 years ago !

My last (almost) full page-a-day diary was in 1970 as that was when I left my Norn Iron boarding school in June and didn’t start at Leicester Polytechic, as it was called then, until October.

What a long, hot summer that was and most of what happened was recorded in great detail and VERY small writing in my 1970 Collins diary. I’d decided early on in the process that I’d cut out important news stories from the papers and place them between the relevant pages of my diary. I also kept the weekly football scores and league tables – but they, more than anything, make for depressing reading now as back then Leeds were THE team in the country and seeing their results in the top division only rubs in how much they have fallen now.

Hey ho.

But the reason for all this remembrance stuff is that I’d like to write more blog posts which can be my new diary.

Now before you go “oh God no, we don’t want/need to read about the minutiae of his life“, I’ve no desire to publish THAT sort of blog.  My idea is simply to write more frequent posts about SOME of the things I get up to or think about or that annoy me (dear Lord) or make me laugh but not necessarily on a daily basis.  Just more frequently than I have been doing of late – which isn’t saying much as I only seem to have published a few posts in the last year or more.

My thinking is that some of the things I do and the places I go to might seem mundane to anyone in this country, but I’ve had blog readers from 169 countries over the years (the most recent new reader was from Cuba last week) and these “mundane” things could be interesting to some of them and totally alien to many, I’d suspect.

I know this because I do read blogs from all over the world and am often fascinated by what people from other countries get up to !  Oh err.  I think that’s one of the joys of blogging and helps make the world a much smaller place as we get to know more about each other. Having said that, I’d probably not want to know about some of the goings on in some countries but that’s another story….or blog !

So there it is…… explanation for what will be this blog’s reason d’etre going forward.  It’ll appease my wish to write more; it’ll hopefully record the occasional interesting things I do in my continuing retirement; it’ll give me somewhere to return to in years to come when my memory becomes even more befuddled and I’ll be at the stage where I find myself standing in the kitchen with no idea why I’m there (although sad to say, that’s not entirely a future event !!) and best of all for me, more frequent and therefore smaller posts won’t take so long to write.

Or for you, dear loyal visitors, to read !

Win, win.

Right, it’s 1pm so I’m off to start my day by fixing my breakfast – yes at 1pm….now isn’t that interesting in itself ?

(yes hopefully future blog/diary entries will be slightly more interesting)

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary……….

  1. Jennyta

    Excellent! It might even inspire me to start again, as I have neglected by blog totally since last summer (Too busy making remote preparations for June’s welsh exam!) Collins diaries – I remember them well. I use to keep a daily diary in one of those too – lots of teenage angst and heart-wringing, if I remember rightly. 😉

  2. Helen

    I think a lot of us see our blogs as a chronicle of our lives with a few other bits thrown in. I too am trying to write more regularly. Keep it up I’m all ears … or should that be eyes !


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