Dieting ? Bite Me !

I’m overweight.  Actually officially I’m obese.  I don’t look like I am, but the scales tell me a different (true) story. I was getting out of breath winding my watch and I last saw my feet in the summer of 1997. Putting on my socks involved sitting on the bed and pulling each leg up onto the opposing upper thigh and sliding each sock on sideways. When I had my tv supper, I’d balance the plate on my stomach.

Ok so only one of those is true but you get the idea. 

So before Christmas I decided to get my act together and loose a few pounds…….about 65 to be exact.  I knew it would take a while as I was going to do it by just having smaller meal portions and exercise walking for an hour every day.  I was hoping for a regular loss of about 2 lbs a week.


Ever since my first heart attack in November 1992, or strictly speaking ever since my resulting bypass surgery in March 1993, I’ve had a treadmill and an exercise bike. The exercise bike was last used way before the millennium and the treadmill was last used regularly about a year ago. I tend to have bursts of using it and then get fed up as walking on it can be very dull and boring.

So I moved the treadmill into the living room and plonked it (if plonked is an appropriate word for a machine weighing even more than I do) in a direct line towards the tv.  The idea was to be able to watch a show to help pass the time and distract me from the pain and suffering I’d be going through !

Yes ok who has a treadmill in their living room ?  Me, that’s who.  Live with it. I do.

I realised that starting a weight loss regimen a couple of weeks before Christmas wasn’t great timing but I knew if I put it off till after the New Year, I’d put it off for much longer.

Anyway with just cutting down on food portions and walking 3 miles a day on the treadmill, I lost 4.8 lbs the first week. I lost another 2 lbs the next week.

diet 1

But before placing my order for a new pair of speedos for the summer, I knew that this could well be a false dawn, so to speak. The arrival of Christmas and New Year didn’t make much difference to my regimen as I barely noticed either these days.

But the rot did set in.  Up one week, down the next.  Usually just fractions of a pound but occasionally 1-2 lbs.  I sometimes ate more than I had been in those first 2 weeks and sometimes I’d miss a day on the treadmill….or 2…….but it was still very dispiriting and in the past, that’s what would have caused me to say “sod it” and go back to my old ways.

Ironically it seemed like by walking on the treadmill, my weight loss was also going nowhere !

But I wasn’t going to quit this time, oh no.

Then again, it’s very hard when I’ve had what I regard as a “good” week and the scales say………no.

Like today.  It’s Friday and Friday is my weigh in day.  I’d had a decent week but was coming off a full 2 lb gain last week. I’d walked my 3 miles in an hour EVERY evening and apart from a moment of weakness on the day my wing mirror was broken and I needed comfort food (damn you KFC with your deep fried deliciousness and your 11 herbs and spices), I’d done well.

Now get this : yesterday morning I sneaked on the scales and was back down those 2 lbs !  Hurrah.  So to make sure that was even better today, official weigh in day, I ate just enough to give me the energy I needed to go out for a 2.75 mile walk around Roundhay Park and then later in the evening, still do my 3 mile treadmill walk.

So what did my freaking scales say ?  A weekly loss of 1.8 lbs……….so I’d put ON .2 lbs since yesterday morning !!!  WTF ?!!!  All that walking.  And I put weight ON !

They always say not to weigh yourself daily and I can see why now.

So what do I take from all this effort so far ?  Well I’ve lost a total of 13 lbs so my dream of averaging 2lbs a week has become just that, a dream. Yes it’s a start but with another 50 lbs or so to go, it’s going to be a long process.

As everyone who has been on this journey knows, it sucks that it’s so easy to put on the weight but so hard to take it off.  But I’ve learned my lesson, two lessons in fact.

1) I’ve uninstalled the KFC app from my phone and

2) I’ve ordered new scales from Amazon.

See, there’s a 29.99 pound “loss” already !

diet 3

2 thoughts on “Dieting ? Bite Me !

  1. Jennyta

    Well, good luck with your struggle, Ian. I too have tried using the exercise bike (in my case) in the living room, watching TV and it does work to some extent but then some days, I either forget to use it or don’t have time. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a little white dog called Toby to help you with the walking? 🙂

  2. Helen

    I’m in much the same boat… struggling to lose weight before my son’s wedding and getting nowhere fast. I’m trying to swim a few times a week but it’s more about the food you eat than the exercise I’m sure. Keep on plugging away at it.


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