Feb 9th 2015 – South Beach

So yesterday was another of winter’s lovely blue sky days and despite it being about 40F (sort out the C yourselves), I fancied a trip to the seaside.

Even now, at my advanced age, I feel odd using that word…..seaside. It has associations with a family and young kids and buckets and spades. Americans tend to say they’re off to the coast which, as well as being just as accurate, seems a much more adult word.

So…..I fancied a trip to the coast.

Living in Leeds, which is bang smack in the middle of England, it’s just about equidistant to either coast……west or east that is.  Well that’s as a crow flies but as roads go, due to the geography going west, it’s actually further to drive to the west coast than the east.

It’s just over 80 miles to get to the west and just over 60 to get to the east and as going east keeps me in beautiful Yorkshire all the way, I always go east when I want to see the sea.

Thus it was that I drove east yesterday and ended up at South Beach – mostly because after 61 miles the road ran out and my car isn’t amphibious. Now it may be down to my spending years in Florida but if someone said “South Beach” to me, i’d immediately think……Miami !

Yeah probably just me. Anyhoo, this was South Beach, Bridlington.

It was a delightful drive through pretty little East Yorkshire villages like Stamford Bridge (where traffic lights control the flow of vehicles over the 300 year old bridge as it’s so narrow), Fridaythorpe, Burton Agnes, Wetwang and Nafferton.

I’d love to have Wetwang as my postal address.

Speaking of which, the town does seem to look much more impressive on Google Maps than in real life as it shows a few places that don’t actually exist……or exist elsewhere in the UK and Google just screwed up.

For example, on the main road it shows an eatery called “Bar None“.

Amusing name I agree…..but it doesn’t exist in the town.

Then there is a cake business called “QuirkyCakes” which DOES exist……only it’s in Aviemore, Scotland.

All very odd.

A few miles east of Stamford Bridge and before Fridaythorpe lies Garrowby Hill, a bit of a climb for my little car.  I checked my altitude app on the phone and in a mile, it went from 367ft to 967ft.  That’s quite a hill and there was still some snow in the fields at the top.

But it was all very different once I got to Bridlington. It was still a glorious afternoon and I had the beach pretty much to myself.  South Beach is huge – as well as being miles long, it’s also the widest beach I’ve ever been on. The distance to the water’s edge means you need to take some snacks with you or you’d be weak with hunger before you got your feet wet  !

Apparently the beach is very popular with dog owners which of course, is a mixed blessing for those of us who aren’t dog lovers…..or even likers.  Yesterday I counted about a dozen people on this massive beach in the 2 hrs I was there and probably as many dogs. The dogs weren’t really an issue as the beach is so big and, in fact, it was nice to see them running about getting even more pleasure from the beach and water than us humans.

Lets face it, you’d be mad to go into the water at Bridlington in February.  Then again, I’d not be keen in July/August either but then I’ve been spoiled over the last decade.

Here are some pics I took on my phone………….








I walked south along the beach and turned around when the incoming tide started to close it off. Back at my starting point I noticed I’d walked nearly 5 miles and my ankles knew it.  Walking on sand, even hard packed sand, is very hard on the old legs, my old legs anyway.

I’d also worked up an appetite and was glad there was a pub/restaurant just a few hundred yards from where I’d parked. It was The Lobster Pot, part of the Marston’s chain and because of the time of yesr and the time of day (3:45pm), there were only 2 others in this large eatery which can hold 300 people.

I had a small portion of fish and chips as it’s the law here when you go to the coast.  Honest !

The one thing I’d forgotten about was that on the drive home I’d be heading due west and therefore looking straight into the setting sun.  It was blinding with no clouds to give relief but thankfully sunset was just after 5pm so I only had about 20 minutes to deal with it.

After all that bracing fresh air and beach walking, I slept like a baby last night. And any after effects today ?   Not really and in fact I walked to a friend’s house this afternoon – a round trip of another 5 miles !

The treadmill is getting cobwebs.

4 thoughts on “Feb 9th 2015 – South Beach

    1. silverback69 Post author

      Come to think of it, that’s what I meant to say too, Helen……going to the beach. Guess I was so fixated on getting the idea of picking which coast to go to that I messed up !

  1. jay53

    Oooooh, I love the one with the puddle and rocks in the foreground! I have friends who live in Bridlington, but I’ve never seen South Beach. I must get down there next time!


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