Feb 19th 2015 – Mad Road Trip

Just about every week, usually on a Wednesday, my friend Daphne and I go out for a lunchtime pub meal.  Usually it’s a short trip to some local pub but yesterday we wanted a bit of a road trip so I was tasked with finding a pub further afield that would be at the end of a nice scenic drive from Leeds and also serve up good pub grub.

We had a bit of a time limit as Daphne was having her hair cut in the morning and wouldn’t be free till about 10:30 and she had to be back in Leeds by 4pm for a prior appointment.

Still plenty of time for a decent road trip though.

Eventually I remembered the pub I’d been to and posted about on a previous blog.  It was The Bridge Inn at Tatham, a village with a population of 393 in North Lancashire, a 90 minute drive from Leeds.

Yes, a 3hr round trip just for a pub lunch.  Well petrol prices are low now !

But due setting off a bit later than planned, being slowed down by some road works and then the usual traffic snarl ups going through Ilkley, we didn’t arrive at The Bridge Inn until about 12:30.

Being a creature of habit, I again ordered the steak and onion pie with homemade chips and veggies and Daphne had potted Morecombe Bay shrimps in butter or something fancy like that, again with chips.  Naughty !

As you can see from the photos below, my pie came with a puff pastry “lid” and you have a version with it on and off !



I know the chips don’t look very appealing but they were the type I love, soft with a hint of crispiness.

The tropical island of chunky meat rising above a sea of onion gravy, was so tender it could be cut with a fork and there was so much of it, I had to leave half as I knew how many miles I’d need to rack up on the treadmill today to work it off !

By 1:30pm, it was time to head back to Leeds.

Now I need to go back a few days as last Friday (13th) I bought a GoPro in a moment of financial self indulgence.  I had several reasons for wanting a GoPro but none of them involved me rushing headlong down a snow packed Alpine mountain on a pair of waxed planks of wood or skimming gracefully over a large Atlantic wave on a much wider waxed plank of wood.


I did however want to use it occasionally as a dash cam in my car to record scenic drives, keep me safe from insurance scam bumps and, if the occasions arose, to get some viral footage for YouTube !

You know the sort of thing…..a bird swooping down and carrying off a Dales sheep;  a drunk knocking off a policeman’s helmet; a crashing plane’s wing slicing into the front of a taxi……

But as with many electronic devices, battery life was the issue. The 64GB micro SD card could hold over 4hrs of 1080p quality video but the battery would only last for 2 hrs or less !  Hmmmm.

So I’d already worked out that if I was on a long trip, such as yesterday, I would really need to use the USB to plug the GoPro into the car’s power socket (ok to be old school, the cigarette lighter socket !) but I’d not set that up yet. As a result, I was just manually turning it on for short bursts when I felt we were on a particularly scenic part of the countryside.

Back to the drive home yesterday…….

Near the end of the B6480 as it meets up with the main A65 to Leeds, the route WAS scenic in a sort of high Dales way so despite the overcast skies, I powered on the GoPro. I noted that we were behind a small black VW that braked on just about every slight curve in the road and also spent most of the time on or just over the white line.

vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00005

Once on the A65 I switched off the GoPro but saw that the VW’s positioning became even more erratic. I could see the car in front of it was slowing down (brake lights) and indicating that it was going to turn right, into a layby, but despite all the braking it was doing earlier, the VW was not doing it now.

With the turning car now stopped (right indicator still blinking), the VW’s brake lights came on for a few seconds but the inevitable happened !  CRASH.


Anyway I switched it on to record what followed as, if nothing else, it showed the position of the cars and that the leading car did have its right turn indicator flashing. A teen got out of the left back seat of the lead car holding his neck and looking a bit dazed. His mother (I assume) got out of the left front seat to see to him and the dad (again I assume) came back and looked into the VW driver’s window but walked away without saying anything. While he looked at the damage, the mum ushered the teen back into their car and the dad again came around to look at the VW driver but again said nothing – just looked in the window from a few feet away.

It hadn’t been a particularly bad crash and apart from the boy’s whiplash, everyone “seemed” ok so as I was now stopped in a vulnerable place on the busy A65 with others slowly passing me, I decided there was nothing more to do, so slowly overtook and drove on.


As we passed the VW, Daphne said the driver was a very old man/woman (she said about 128 but I think this may have been an exaggeration) who could barely see over the steering wheel.

That would have explained the driving down the central white line earlier.

I guess on reflection I should have pulled into that layby to the right, parked up and gone back to see if any help was needed (maybe no one had a mobile phone and maybe the old driver was in shock) and I feel bad about that now.

I did call the police earlier today but they had no report of the accident so I guess after exchanging details, both parties drove away as neither car would have been badly damaged and no one was seriously hurt.  That was good news at least.

The rest of our trip back to Leeds was uneventful but I’ll make sure I have power to the GoPro from now on as you just never know what you’ll come across or be involved in when on the road.

One thought on “Feb 19th 2015 – Mad Road Trip

  1. Helen

    Firstly a hello to Daphne, she’s looking good. How’s her mum .
    Secondly… These go pro thingies are becoming quite popular especially to record car accidents and road rage incidents.


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