“Winter Is Coming” – Said Someone, Somewhere Once. Or Twice Maybe.

When I started this blog on another platform, part of the idea was to record my ramblings on everyday things. Somehow, over the years, the blog morphed into being a place to show my photographs along with a bit of text to explain where I was at the time and why each photo was noteworthy.

This became more and more time consuming as I felt the need to display every photo at its best (believe it or not) and this involved lots of editing, mostly using Photoshop.  I do like the idea of having a place to look back on many of my photos and when I look at the corresponding text, I find I’ve no recollection of writing it and sometimes I think it’s not half bad and some parts of it can be quite educational if I may say so.  And I just have !

As someone once said, “we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”.

So today I had a good talk with myself and realised the main reason for not blogging was the time taken to add all the photos and then the simple truth hit me……..leave them out for the most part. Despite having more time on my hands than a Kentucky county clerk, adding photos had become a bit of a chore and so I’ve had several breaks from blogging over the last couple of years……followed by more comebacks than Cher.

And yes you’ve guessed it……I’M BACK AGAIN  !!!

You see I really think I need this blog for my sanity, or maybe to fuel my insanity !  Living alone I have no opinion filters to keep me on track.  My opinion is the only one I hear and I rarely disagree with myself.

(if and when that happens, I’ll know I’ve lost the plot)

So in this latest incarnation of my blog, there will be less photos and more ramblings. You may not like these ramblings, dear reader, but I’m at that age when I don’t care what others think.  Hopefully I won’t offend (too much) and who knows, maybe my opinions and comments on daily life won’t be so far from the norm that I may discover that I’m still part of the human race after all.

Time will tell.

Right, with all that said, lets get going.

I’ll start with something non confrontational and leave politics and religion for another day – and that day may be a long time coming.

Television shows.  Now I watch a LOT of television.  I love these surveys that tell us the average person watches 5 hrs of television or whatever every day, as if this is the start of the downward spiral of modern civilisation.

Hell I watch 5 hrs of television before lunchtime !  Not every day you understand but especially in Autumn and Winter when there are only a couple of hours of daylight anyway, enough days to say…..regularly.  Well when I say I watch it, I mean the television is on.  I’m not always watching it and I’m certainly not always giving it my full attention.  I can multitask you know.  Oh yes.  And I’m a man too.  Talented eh ?

My first action on coming downstairs is to turn on the televison….and the cable box…..and the surround sound system.  Once all the relevant lights are green and the silence of the living room is replaced with sound, I go into the kitchen, take my meds and fix breakfast – which I then eat in front of the telle.  Before I go up to bed every night, I turn everything off so that the cycle can start again next day.  So never mind 5 hrs a day; try 15 hrs a day !!

On days when I’m in the house, the television is my company.  Yes, yes, internet, you are my company too.  Stop pouting. I’ll get to you another time.  I watch a lot of movies and I watch a lot of shows, mostly American. In fact I rarely watch “live” shows as I hate adverts and love being able to skip them. I do this so often that on the rare occasions when I do watch a “live” show, I invariably try to skip the adverts and get pissed when I remember I can’t. At such times I often switch to another channel and then forget to return to the one I was watching !

My favourite show of the last month or so has been Gogglebox. This is a show where we watch couples and families who are watching TV shows so we can listen to their comments about these shows. Yes I can’t believe it either and how the hell I’ve become addicted to it is beyond me. Because I only discovered it a few weeks ago and the 6th series started last Friday, I’ve had plenty of catching up to do and so I’ve been having Gogglebox marathons most days, watching 3 or 4 shows back to back. I’m now all caught up and as a result, I fear my sanity might be in doubt.

Having said that, I’m also thinking the producers of this show should put me at the top of their shortlist when looking for new people to be on the show. I could be getting paid for doing what I do anyway. Then again, my solo status would count against me again as part of the appeal of the show is how the members of the families or the couples interact with each other.

I guess I could tell the producers I’m schizophrenic.  I once tried to do a test to see if I had Multiple Personality Disorder but we couldn’t decide who should take it. Boom boom.

Actually it wouldn’t be a total fib as I’m not averse to a bit of talking to myself these days, especially where television is concerned. And a bit of shouting. Oh and some hand gestures at times.  It may perplex the neighbours but it’s very therapeutic for me !

Anyway back to Gogglebox and in the first episode of series 6 on Friday we were introduced to a couple of sisters from Leeds so I guess they have their quota from here already. P’ah. I suppose I could pretend I’m still in Norn Iron and throw in a few “what about ye’s” and “what’s the craic” to set the scene.

So there you have it.  Googlebox.  A show that was probably laughed at when suggested around the  C4 planning table but has become a quirky ratings winner and even a multiple award winner to boot.

I still feel they’ve peeked into my life. Who knew I was a TV watching trailblazer ?

P.S.  Oh and here is a photo as it seems the link on Facebook needs one.   This is Besalú in Spain.



One thought on ““Winter Is Coming” – Said Someone, Somewhere Once. Or Twice Maybe.

  1. Jenny

    Welcome back, so! Reading about your TV habits makes me feel far less guilty about mine, and I suppose I should think about dusting off my blog again too.


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