Not Finding Nemo

Just to show you that you can’t believe everything you read in blog posts, well my blog post anyway, I didn’t turn on my tv first thing this morning. And before those who know me say that was probably because I didn’t get up till after noon, well that’s not true either, smarty pants !

It was just because I was going out as soon as I finished my porridge so there was little point in powering up the boxes. I did however need some company so I listened to the new A-Ha album (Cast In Steel) on the laptop – despite the fact they broke up some time ago. I even watched their “farewell” stage show for goodness sake.

It was emotional.

I donno whether they missed the fame and fortune or they just failed miserably on solo projects but I’m happy they have reunited as I have always liked their music.

Anyhoo whilst eating my porridge and listening to Morten Harket’s dulcet tones, I caught up with all my news sites like people used to do via newspapers in ye olden pre internet days. Of course by news sites I mean Facebook and Twitter as that’s where the real news resides these days, isn’t it ? Oh and before you condemn me, I’m joking.  A bit.  I also used the BBC news site too !.

And so it was that I came upon a story that wrote its own headline, although the Edinburgh news site that brought it to my attention clearly didn’t notice it jumping out at them. It seems a 31 year old woman with learning difficulties suffered horrific burns when she stepped into a bath of scalding water at a care facility…..a court was told. The care worker is being prosecuted of course although I can’t see what her excuse can be as you can tell when water is really hot even without sticking your elbow in it. As Loyd Grossman used to say on Through The Keyhole, “the clues are there”.

And the reason for the “writes its own headline” ?

Well the care facility is located near Edinburgh…….in Bathgate,

I know, you couldn’t make it up, could you ?!

Seeing as I seem to be making this blog my diary today, I may as well continue.  After the excitement (and sadness of course) of “Bathgate”, I took the short drive to Otley as I wanted (yet another) flashdrive and Argos were selling them at the same special price as Amazon……but the only store local to me that had them in stock was……in Otley. Getting it from an Argos store had another benefit as I could use some of my Nectar points and I’d end up only having to pay 99p in cash for the flashdrive.

For those outside the UK who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, you can pick up Nectar points when you shop at certain stores, like Sainsburys Supermarkets, and as I’ve rarely cashed in any of my points over the years, I now have almost 100,000 of them ! In pure cash terms, 500 points equate to £2.50 so as the flashdrive was £15.99, I used up 3,000 points so have plenty left.

These drives have many names for some reason; flashdrives, USB drives, thumbdrives etc but in this case, I think thumbdrive fits the bill……

New Thumbdrive

The reason I wanted it, apart from always needing more portable disk drives, is that it’s a dual drive.  It has a USB 3.0 connector at one end for a computer and a micro USB connector at the other end for an Android tablet or Android smartphone.

And the silver part you see in the photo is so it can be attached to a keychain !

The Argos store had one left so I wasted no time filling out the little order form, taking it to the desk and buying it. I’ll let you know if it works how I want it to work !!

On the way home I stopped off at Golden Acre Park as I wanted to try out the GoPro underwater for the first time. I knew there was a fish pond and a large lake with plenty of wildfowl that were always being fed by visitors so I hoped to get some decent video of what was going on under the surface.

In the end I found I’d been overly optimistic. Not because the GoPro wasn’t up to the job but because the water in the pond and especially the lake was so murky that I couldn’t have found Leo DiCaprio’s body if I’d been 2 inches from it.

Here is a still shot from the video with the camera just about to go under the surface………


And here is the view, if you can call it that, under the surface……..


On the left you can clearly see a barnacle encrusted cannon from a 16th century Spanish galleon  and if you look really closely, up on the top right is the rusting wheel from an ASDA supermarket trolley circa 1983. Honest.

So not a great success then. I wasn’t expecting the clarity you see on YouTube videos from divers on the Great Barrier Reef but I thought I’d see SOMETHING. I’ll keep trying and maybe other lakes or rivers will provide the footage I’m after.

Onwards and downwards as they say.

But to end on a bit of a high note, the footage from the fish pond wasn’t a total whiteout. The appearance of the camera in their watery habitat did scare the fish a bit at first but once they realised it wasn’t a predator, they seemed quite inquisitive……although from a bit of a distance….


This still was from just under the surface as you can see but that was where the best light was and also where the water was clearest. It also gave a nice mirror effect that was totally accidental – in the sense that I wasn’t expecting it.  I wonder do they see themselves all the time that way ?

Anyway it’s time to try out this new flashdrive but that’ll have to be combined with some telle time.

I wouldn’t want the remote to seize up !

UPDATE :  the flashdrive is a total success. I connected it to the computer and loaded up that A-Ha album. Then I connected it to my phone and started up the Music app and there was the album all ready to play. No more cables for this boyo.

2 thoughts on “Not Finding Nemo

  1. Jenny

    That last photo is great. I have a small usb drive like that which expands the memory of my chromebook. It only seems like yesterday that getting a usb drive the size of a credit card with a whole 2GB of memory felt like the cutting edge.

  2. silverback69 Post author

    I think it’s too small, Jenny. I just wanted it for its ability to fit to my smartphone and tablet so size wasn’t the criteria. And attaching it to the tv is fiddly too. Moan, moan. 😉


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