Wednesday Rant

They say you should always wait 24 hrs when someone or something upsets you as that will give you time to put it all into perspective and help you realise that it probably wasn’t that big a deal in the first place; not in the great scheme of things; much more important things to be upset about; move along, nothing to see here.

Well fuck that.

I could, and have, waited more like 24 years and I’m still upset.  No, not upset……freaking mad.  Livid.  Pissed off big time.

And what is it THIS time ?  The people who insist, yes insist, on putting leaflets and flyers etc through my letterbox.  Now I know it’s not “News At Ten” stuff but in my sad little world, these…these….these IDIOTS really get my blood pressure rising.

For years I’ve had signs on my door ASKING that they don’t put this crap through my letterbox.  Just like cold callers at my door or on the phone, I’m not interested.  I’d NEVER buy anything from any of them, either by them calling in person, ringing me or by having their leaflets drop onto my floor.

Now there may be some people who do.  And for them having a weekly influx of glossy leaflets and flyers telling them about a business or a product might be just dandy. I’m not one of those people and I should be allowed to have my wishes followed.

Were they ?  No.  My door signs were ignored. The leaflets continued to carpet my porch floor.

A few weeks ago I wrote a new sign. So as not to confuse the IQ of these “deliverers” I used very few words, in large letters and was relatively polite about what I wrote. The sign expressed my wish that only mail from the official postman should be put through my letterbox and that everything else would be binned.

I think that last bit was my mistake as these people don’t care what happens to the crap they deliver. They are paid to deliver it and the quicker they do that, the lighter their bags become and ultimately the sooner they can finish and go home. To that I’d say, cut out the deliveries altogether and just dump the crap in the bin. In fact do this at your own house !

Then you can tell your mates down the pub that you work from home.  Much more impressive.

After my new sign went up, I did notice a sachel carrying dweeb coming down my drive with a handful of leaflets in one hand. I waited for my letterbox flap to open but it never happened. I went into the porch and saw him leaving my neighbours door and moving down to the next one.

Success I thought.  But clearly it’s been short lived and like birds once they get used to a scarecrow, my sign now gets ignored and everything is back to normal.

This is today’s little collection (so far) from 3 “deliverers”.  It’s only 1pm so plenty of time for more to arrive. I’ve given up trying to go out to confront them as these are ninja “deliverers” who vanish into the wind like a speedy bigfoot wearing carpet slippers.

Fast, quiet and you can’t really be sure they exist.


Today I finally realised my sign will never work because most of the leaflets above were pushed through my letterbox by the 3rd “deliverer”

The fecking postman !!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Rant

  1. Joe McReynolds

    Any time you get a reply paid envelope shove some flyers from a different company into the envelope and post it. A petty thing to do but quite satisfying!


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