A New Year….A New Beginning.

Well it seems that I’ve been awol from WordPress for so long that the whole site has changed.

I don’t like it.  The main reason I switched from Blogspot to WordPress was that the layout was more conducive to displaying full size photos and now I seem to have been squished into a quite narrow page that’s only 2/3rds the width it was the last time I created a post.

Well as I there will be no photos in this first post of 2016, I’ll type away and see what it looks like after publication.  Maybe it’s just the “creation” page that looks like this.  I do hope so.

2016.  Another year.  I’m still alive.  Older, less wise but still retired and still loving it. I no longer go to Florida for 6 months every winter but I’m travelling more around my own country and Europe – but more about that another time.

This short post is just an introduction to my plans for the blog going forward. As 2015 went along, I lost and found my blogging muse several times and never really got a “flow” going. I’ve now decided that as I DO want to use it as a release for all the pent up writing in my head, I’ll try again to keep it as a diary, with daily entries when time permits but with no pressure (from me) to ALWAYS have an entry per day.

My life just isn’t that exciting but there should usually be a thought in my head or something happening every day that will be worthy of a post about it. We’ll see.

So each pure diary post will have a simple date as the title and if I go on a road trip or have something more meaty to write about, then the post title will reflect that. I hope you’ll join me on my trip through 2016.

But even if it’s a solo trip, at least I’ll have a diary to look back on as my aged and creaking memory develops more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Let the journey begin……………








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