January 2nd, 2016

It’s raining.  It’s been raining all year !

I can’t remember a day when it wasn’t raining, but then my memory isn’t what it was.

Living 510 ft above sea level, like what I do, my house is not in any danger of being flooded. Obviously I took this into consideration when buying this place back in the early ’80’s when my thinking was……..this looks like a nice house and its elevation should keep it safe from internal wetness !

What a forward thinking chap I was.  In the early ’80’s.  Not so much now !

Large areas of Northern England have had terrible flooding over the last 3 weeks. We had a very dry, mild start to last December and then the heavens opened and still haven’t closed.  The financial cost will run into squillions of dosh but it’s the human cost that is harder to quantify. Family homes ruined; business premises devastated; power disrupted and the road/rail infrastructure devastated in many places.

And still it rains……….


Yesterday I said we’d not been able to watch the movie I’d lined up for us to watch on “Chinese & Movie” night due to technical issues at my friend’s house so today I invited her round to watch it at my house.

And we did.

If you get the chance to watch “Room“, do so.  It’s great.


Given the weather and it being a Saturday, there was plenty of sport on the telle for me to enjoy. Well maybe that’s not quite the word. I watched Liverpool lose, Leeds draw, Barcelona draw and Man City win. That was enough footy watching even for me so at 11pm I settled down to watch “Harry Brown“, a 2009 flick starring Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (better known to you and me as Michael Caine) which had somehow passed me by till now.

I’d have called it “Death Wish 6 – The Pensioners Revenge” but then that might have given the plot away !

It was quite upsetting watching MC as a pensioner living alone, mostly because I’ve been a huge fan of his since the days of “Zulu” back in 1964. I’ve grown older with him, enjoying most of the movies he’s been in and so seeing him in this one looking so old and frail, gave me a sudden and slightly disquieting view of my own life – although I’m not quite so old and frail.

As usual he gave a great performance and as much as I could do, considering how he looked and the violent story line, I really enjoyed the movie.  A lot.


I went to bed around 2:30am, a bit early for me, and read a few chapters of “Not Dead Enough” by Peter James on my Kindle. He’s written 11 books so far in this series, all with the word “Dead” in the title. A little lazy if you ask me.

Dead Simple, Looking Good Dead, Not Dead Enough, Dead Man’s Footsteps, Dead Tomorrow, Dead Like You…….you get the picture. So I’m on No.3 and I’ve got the other 8 but I tend to take a break between each one to read less “dead” novels just to lighten the mood.

A person my age can only have so much dead in their lives !

P.S.  Here is a photo of Wendy watching “The Intern” on New Year’s Day.  I’ve just added it so that the link on Facebook will have an image !  Thanks Wendy.







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