January 3rd, 2016

Rain.  More rain.

I was thinking.  Weather forecasters in Florida and the UK have the easiest jobs.

Florida :  Blah blah sunshine, blah blah more of the same tomorrow.

UK : blah blah  rain, blah blah more of the same tomorrow.

I was going to create future blog posts, say for the next 6 months, with the word “rain” at the start and then just revisit each one on the day and add a few more words on what actually happened in my life. That way there would be a guaranteed post every day even if I was awol.

And that’s all I’m going to say about this crap weather. For now !


Sundays are pretty much like Saturdays for me.  They both involve lots of sport watching and with about 15 sport channels, there is always something to watch ! Today it was football (or soccer as one country calls it) and then football (as that same country calls it).

In between the two formats, I decided to watch a 3D movie as it had been a while since I’d watched anything in 3D. When I bought my new tv back in 2012, 3D was the big thing and the way many shows and movies would be created and broadcast in the future.

Skip forward just one year, never mind 3, and it had all changed as 3D had pretty much been consigned to the movie theaters.  As far as I’m aware, there are no tv shows filmed in 3D anymore, even documentaries. Thankfully there are still movies in 3D but not many. I have about 75 movies, concerts and documentaries in my 3D collection and still feel the process adds a lot to a viewing experience. Being a glasses wearer I got 3D clips ons so I don’t even realise I’m wearing them and get totally immersed in whatever I’m watching.

So in the early evening I watched Hotel Transylvania 2 in 3D and it was great.  I love animated movies in 3D as character movements aren’t constrained by the laws of nature – a bit like Matt Damon in every Bourne movie !



At 9:30pm I watched my favourite NFL team, The Broncos,  make heavy work of beating The Chargers  and then at 1:30am, it was time for my 2nd favs, The Packers, to play The Vikings. Although I always stay up late, I’m not a fan of these late night games as they can go on till 5am my time and that’s a bit much even for me.

It wasn’t a great game and by half time I’d had enough so I set it to record and went to bed at 2:30am. I’m a wuss.


And yes, at 2:30am it was raining.


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