January 4th, 2016

I’m still not used to typing 2016.

After fixing my porridge (2 mins 50 secs in the microwave), I watched the end of the Vikings v the Packers game and then was depressed with the result.  This was slightly offset by the knowledge that I’d made the right decision to go to bed at half time !


Today I had an appointment with the nurse at my local surgery (doctor’s office for American readers) to discuss the results of a blood test I had on 14th December. As someone classed as having a critical illness (I’ve had 2 heart attacks), I have an annual checkup, mostly to ensure that I don’t need any changed to my medication.

After the previous checkup I was told my borderline diabetes had gone beyond borderline and it was this worrying diagnosis that started me doing some serious exercise ( walking 3 miles a day) and dieting (smaller portions) and as mentioned in a previous post, I lost about 2 st (29 lbs) in 6 months. Sadly half of that went back on again and so I was more than a bit concerned that today’s results would not be good.

I could have saved myself some angst over Christmas by remembering that these days, test results can be looked at online !  Pah.  In any case, they were “normal” in most categories and “satisfactory” in a couple of others.

My diabetes test was in two parts. In relation to my kidneys, my result was 0.4 mg/mmol (yeah right) and anything under 2.5 is fine.  Hurrah.   But the main Haemoglobin A1c level test result (HbA1c) was 44 and should have been between 20-41. However as it also said that “Diabetes is defined by an HbA1c > 47 mmol/mol“, then I guess I’m back to being borderline diabetic.  Expected but not so hurrah.

So it’s back to the treadmill and cutting down on the coconut macaroons.


On the drive home, I came to the Leeds Outer Ring Road and discovered the traffic lights were out at this very busy junction. I was the lead car so it was with some trepidation that I crossed over the 4 lanes. Looking rapidly to the left and right as I drove across, I noticed the road was clear in both directions.  There were no cars at all on the Ring Road and at 4:45pm, this was incredible.

It was only a few minutes to my house so when I got to my driveway, I phoned the local police number that I’d added only recently to my contact list for just such an occasion. It rang and rang and after about 2 minutes I gave up.  Maybe they were on a donut break.  I  came inside to find some other way to contact the police other than 999 (hardly an emergency) or 101 (which costs money !

In the end I used social media (Twitter) and was gratified to see the West Yorkshire Police tweeting about the traffic lights a few minutes later. They also said there had been an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in the area so I don’t know which resulted in the other.


For my evening movie I picked an old one…..from 2011 in fact.  I like just about everything Philip Seymour Hoffman has ever done (apart from his drug induced death of course) and I’ve got a few of his movies that I’ve yet to watch.

I picked “The Ides Of March” which, despite being about US politics, I thoroughly enjoyed. With a cast including the aforementioned Hoffman, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Paul Giamatti, what’s not to enjoy ?!



Oh and yes, it rained all day !




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