January 6th, 2016

Sometimes, not often, things pop into my head.  They rarely stay long because no one likes an echo and it’s pretty empty in my head.  Lots of things pop OUT of my head, hence the emptiness.

I’d like to use the theory that my head is so full of “stuff” that I’ve gathered over the years that there is simply no room for any more.  I’d like to.  But I can’t.

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

That’s what popped in today.  Poof !  Just like that.  Outa nowhere.

It’s from that wonderful classic by Charlie Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities” which, despite what you may have heard, is NOT about Leeds and Bradford.  (little British joke there)

I like to think I’m an avid reader but if push came to punch, I’ve really not read many of the classics – although I often think I have.  When asked if I’ve ever read “Blah Blah” by “Blah Blah-Blah”, my initial thought is to say that I have but that’s mostly because I know the story so well.

Often because I’ve watched the movie !

So I’ve made a decision; a resolution if you will.  I’ll read 10 classics by the end of the year.  “Treasure Island“, “Wuthering Heights“, “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn“, “Gulliver’s Travels” – that sort of thing. Nothing heavy or overly long.

I’m looking at you, “War and Peace“.

Several of them will be by the aforementioned Charlie Dickens as he was pretty good and although I know the stories, I should really read the books wot he wrote.


I did some work on collecting up the oldest VHS home movie tapes (see yesterday’s post) but was worried about the build up of oxide which was clearly visible through the little reel windows.  The sound is always the first to deteriorate, closely followed by the video but thankfully I’d already copied the very oldest to dvd some time ago. If I hadn’t, I might be left watching silent movies. And I’m no Buster Keaton.

I’m most looking forward to watching the footage from the next format, the analogue cassettes, as that camcorder was used when I was on my US road trips back in the day. I took all my holidays touring the US of A and over a period of just a few years, I visited all 48 continental states at least once.   It was several years later that I visited the Hawaiian Islands which leaves just Alaska – but I’m not bothered as it’s not on my (ice) bucket list.

Ironically the main problem is that tv quality has progressed so much that these old videos look pretty crap now. Think about when you see old BBC shows from 30 years ago……and those were shot on professional equipment !

Ah well. The footage will still bring back memories, which was the whole point of taking it.


This evening there were 2 footy games on at the same time so the laptop was called into action. I watched Everton v Man City on the telle and Barcelona v Espanyol on the lappy.  Lots of entertainment and 8 goals.

Then I got out the 3D clip ons and watched Gravity.  That movie was MADE for 3D and I really felt like I was up there with Clooney and Bullock and I was quite worn out by the end of it !  Who knew floating could be such hard work ?  The views looking down on Earth were stunning.



I’d like to say I then floated up the stairs and drifted off to sleep (see what I did there) but after sitting for so long it was more a case of hauling my aching bones up the stairs and struggling to fall asleep. By the time I’d used my tablet to catch up on the latest news, the most recent updates on Facebook and Twitter and read a few chapters of “Not Dead Enough“,  I was wide awake despite it being after 3am.

I need to do these things BEFORE going up to bed !


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