January 7th, 2016

Today the NHS came out with a report recommending that the weekly intake of alcohol for men should be reduced from 21 units to 14…..that’s 6 pints of beer or 7 glasses of wine.

If you watch any of the late night police reality shows and what they have to put up with at pub closing times all over the country, you’d be forgiven for believing that the 21 units related to daily intake rather than weekly.

But then I’m teetotal and don’t even like the taste of most alcohol so this report doesn’t affect me.  My tipples are tea and coffee although over the years I have drunk way too much Pepsi Max and Coke Zero so I’ve probably caused my own health problems !

One of my resolutions this year has been to cut back on that consumption but now I’m overcompensating with tea and coffee…….and thanks to Subway, hot chocolate. In a way though, these drinks have caused me to get some more exercise than usual as I’ve been nipping up the stairs to the toilet way more times than usual.  My kidneys don’t know what’s hit them as they’ve not had this much action since I stopped breast feeding !


I like Periscope.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.  As a mostly solo driver, I like to have company now and Periscope allows me to chat with people from all over the world.  Ok so I do all the chatting and they just type…..and as I’m driving, I can’t see WHAT they’re typing BUT STILL – I’ve got company ok !

I’ve been trying to get a proper set up going in the car and I’ve finally cracked it.  I use the business end of a selfie stick and connect the phone to it as normal.  Then I screw the holding bit into a mini tripod and stick the tripod onto my car’s dashboard and it works a treat.  Yes the tripod comes away from the blu-tac that I’m using to stick it to the dashboard but hey, I never said it was perfect.

So now I can broadcast to anyone who wants to watch and all in glorious landscape mode !  It’s a whole new world.


I went to Sainsburys this afternoon and got a bit caught up in their sale. They had lots of non food goodies at half price or less and as I’m a sucker for candles, I bought 3 of them for £8 instead of about £20. They’re all lavender scented as that’s my favourite scent but I’ll not be lighting them all together ever again as I almost gassed myself this evening….especially due to the huge 3 wick one I had right beside me.

Death by lavender.  I can see the headline now.


The US tv stations have come out of their Christmas/New Year hiatus and all my shows are slowly starting up again.  I love shows like Elementary and The Blacklist and both of those have returned. For some light relief (there’s a joke there somewhere) I also watched Mike & Molly and noticed that Melissa McCarthy had lost quite a bit of weight since I saw her last.

Of course she’s a big (sorry) movie star now so maybe that had something to do with it as I’m sure she didn’t want to be typecast as the fat, foul mouthed star on the big screen.

Now she can just be a foul mouthed star !

mike and molly.jpg


Weather update.  We’re being promised blue skies and even some sunshine tomorrow.

I’m not holding my breath.

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