Saturday January 9th, 2016

I didn’t think this through.

I should have added the day of the week to these titles so that in years to come, if I have any, I’ll not have to look it up when revisiting the posts !

I don’t want to edit the previous titles as it might mess with the statistics for them so I’ll add the day of the week to them starting today.

I can be decisive when I want to be. I just don’t usually want to be !


Being a Saturday (hmmm questioning my decision already), I usually spend it in front of the telle watching sport. What a strange phrase that is… front of the telle.  how else would you watch it ?  Then again, if you have one of those new curved ones, it might not apply. My mind works like this all day.

As it was 3rd round FA Cup day (when all the big boys join in to thump the minnows that have played about 20 games to get this far – but we all hope for a giant upset unless the big boys are our team), there seemed to be games going on all day. TV nowadays can cover every game so that highlights can be shown on roundup programs late at night. Every bit of play acting, every real foul, every goal, every bit of skill, every blast of snot – they are all captured for our enjoyment; usually with numerous slow motion replays from every conceivable angle. We can even see every act of ball juggling by the players in the tunnel.

I do wish they’d do that sort of thing BEFORE leaving the changing rooms !

Having started during the 1871-72 season, the FA Cup is easily the oldest footy competition in the world. 736 teams “entered” for the 135th season of this knockout competition which, for the minnows, started way back last August.  My team, Leeds United (stop booing people), won today and so made it through to the next round with 31 others.

The draw for the next round takes place tomorrow after which there will only be 3 more rounds before the last 2 remaining teams play in the Final on May 21st.

So come on Leeds. Win just 5 more games and you’ll be FA Cup winners !



Mid afternoon I went out for a wee drive as I’d loaded 3 movies onto my dual drive and needed to take them to a friend’s house.

The dual drive is the best little device I’ve bought in years. It’s a 64gb flashdrive but with dual connectors.  Slide out one end and you get a standard USB connector for computers and televisions etc and slide out the other end and get a micro USB connector for phones and tablets etc.

Hence the dual in dual drive !

Now I can store movies, music, photos, docs etc onto this drive from my laptop and open them on my phone or tablet, freeing up valuable space on those devices.

dual drive 3.jpg

Both ends slide back inside the casing when not in use (the silver bar along the middle is just for a key chain clip) making the drive ridiculously small and to be honest, a bit fiddley at times.

And easy to lose !  Technology eh.


I treated myself to my favourite meal for supper.  Steak and chips. And peas of course. Simple fayre but delish.

Steak & Chips

As you can see, I’ve not quite embraced the idea of smaller portions !  But come on, it WAS steak and chips.


Before bed, I watched 3 US shows, two old ones returning after their mid season break and one brand new show . First up was “Elementary” which I always enjoy and then the new comedy show, “Angel From Hell” staring Jane Lynch.  I almost gave up on it after a few minutes but I’m glad I stuck with it as it grew on me and it might be a hit.

It relies VERY heavily on Jane Lynch which might be its undoing.

angel from hell.jpg

Finally I watched “The Blacklist“, one of the best shows on telle. It was a very odd episode but I won’t spoil it (too much) for anyone who may not have seen it yet. It just seemed like it was a series finale with lots of loose ends being tied up and all done in a bit of an unnecessary rush.


Despite there being a live NFL game available, I was a good boy and went to bed without watching it.  Ok I watched the first half and it was nearly 3am but still…….

The Packers play tomorrow but at least that’s a 9:40pm KO.

Unless it goes to overtime, it could be an early night…or more accurately, morning !



3 thoughts on “Saturday January 9th, 2016

  1. Jenny

    I caught up on that episode of Blacklist today. It’s only episode 8 and didn’t say it was the series finale but there have been none since. Very disapppointing. 😦

    1. silverback69 Post author

      I was talking about episode 9, Jenny. It’s back on in the US after the Christmas/New Year hiatus that all US shows have as they know fewer people watch TV. Don’t worry as it’s already been renewed for another series after this one.


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