Sunday January 10th, 2016

A clever man once said “life is a balance between what is seen by the eye and what is perceived by the imagination.  Find that balance and you will lead a full and productive life“.

Actually he wasn’t that clever as it was me….and I just made it up on the spot as I’d no better way to start this post !


I was saddened to hear about the death of Ed “Stewpot” Stewart. He actually died in hospital yesterday after suffering a stroke but somehow I missed any reports about it till today.

Ok so he was “only” a DJ and sometimes a tv presenter like on Top of the Pops and Crackerjack (Crackerjack !) but I sort of grew up with him on my transistor radio in the late ’70s and ’80s.

It was a big bugger with room on top for two if we squeezed together.

Given what’s been going on over the past few years with British djs and presenters of Top of the Pops, I think the biggest success of his life was that he wasn’t implicated in the Yewtree investigations !


It wouldn’t be Sunday without Football and Throwball…..or soccer and football as they’re called in the US.  There were some more games in the FA Cup (see yesterday’s post) and then the last 2 games in the NFL wild card weekend.

The 2nd team, The Green Bay Packers, looked like they’d never played football before and had a terrible first quarter. Then they turned up and went on to win comfortably and so go on to play in next weekends Divisional Playoffs along with my 1st team, The Broncos.

Oh it’s all very exciting.  Honestly.  It is.  Well until my 2 teams meet of course !



Reading my 1970 diary entry for today, it seems that in the late afternoon, I went back to my boarding school after the Christmas holidays.  Mum & Dad would have driven me of course because I hadn’t passed my test then. This was to be my last 6 months at school before going off to England for the rest of my life.

I get frustrated at times reading the diary as 90% of it was written while I was in this last year at boarding school and as is the way at such places, nicknames were always used in place of proper names.

You can imagine the next bit.  Yes, after 46 years I’ve no idea who these nicknames refer to !  Actually to be honest, I mostly forgot them after a couple of years, if that !

So on my return that evening I was eager to meet up with “chums” to discuss what they all got up to over Christmas and what presents had been dished out. There would be Marly, Soapy, Bobo and Skinny, not forgetting Bernie, Duck, Kit, Blinks and Doogy.

I should have put a nickname glossary at the end of the diary !


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