Monday January 11th, 2016

Ahhhh Mondays.  Unlike Mr. Geldof, I like them.  I like any day of the week of course but especially Mon-Fri as the roads may be a little more busy but the shops and parks are much less packed, with most families being at work or school or whatever.


I watched the Golden Globes from last night and like everyone else, I’d no idea why “The Martian” was nominated in the category “Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy“.  I don’t remember any showstopping songs or particularly funny lines in the movie but then these gongs are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press so maybe something got lost in the translation.  Anyway, it won… hurrah.

The star of “The Martian”, Matt Damon, even won “Best Performance In A Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy” so despite being as unfunny as Will Ferrell, Matt should clearly have a career in comedy to fall back on if the movie scripts dry up.

As long as it’s abroad it seems.


I think I’m going to struggle with my resolution to read a few of the classics on my Kindle this year.  At the moment I’m only reading for a few minutes when I go to bed and this isn’t a good idea for 2 reasons.

First, I tend to go to bed when I’m tired.  Pretty obvious really.  As a result I’m dropping off before I’ve even read a new paragraph of a book. I usually give up mid chapter.

Second, because I’m half asleep when reading, when I start again the next night I can’t remember most of the story from the previous night so often have to go back to pick up the thread.

In fact I sometimes go so far back each night that by the end of the week I’m further back in the book than I was an the start of the week !


Going back to the Golden Globes, I saw that a tv series called “Mr. Robot” picked up a couple of gongs.  Any show that beats “Game of Thrones” in its category has my interest so despite never having heard of it, I’ll give it a try.  It sounds right up my street so as I’ve recently dropped a couple of series from my watch list (NCIS: Los Angeles and Hannibal), there is room for this one.

Mr. robot


It seems we had some blue in the sky today.  It didn’t last long but it was there.  Several independent witnesses all said they saw it.

I’m highly sceptical.



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