Saturday January 16th, 2016

Yesterday, during our fish & chips and a movie evening, I learned there was a drink called a Chai Latte.  Some sort of Starbucks invention no doubt but Daphne had made one for herself and slurped it in front of me after we’d watched The Revenant.

She didn’t offer to make me one, but as usual I put up with her selfishness as underneath it all, she’s a fairly decent human being.  Deep underneath !

She did give me a sample of the “powder” in a zipper bag (not to be confused with other bags of a similar name) and as it was brown, I didn’t need to be worried about being stopped by The Fuzz on the way home.

This morning I followed her instructions and made my own Chai Latte.  I wouldn’t have it on a regular basis but it was pretty good.


Speaking of adverts/commercials (what do you mean we weren’t !?!), have you ever listened to see if there is one that doesn’t have music with it ?   I’ll tell you now, there aren’t any !  It seems you can’t sell anything from shampoo to sanitary towels, new razors to new cars without having some sort of a musical soundtrack to accompany the advert.

Now that’s all very well if you like the 30sec or 60sec music clip; but if you don’t and if it’s annoying to you, then you’ll hardly feel like buying the product or even remembering what it is. So I’m sure a lot of thought and discussion goes into choosing the music clip but another factor can come into play.

How many times do you nip into the kitchen to fix some snacks or make a cuppa as soon as the adverts come on ?  I’ve found that if you’re hearing the music but not seeing the advert, then most are incredibly annoying.  You realise the music clip is either repetitive or just annoying when you hear it in isolation.  This gets magnified if a company is sponsoring a long sporting event like golf or cricket as their advert plays on every single break and even if you liked it at the start, after 20 or more plays, the like has turned to “argggggggg”.

Like a lot of people I rarely watch live tv these days…..unless it’s a sporting event.  I record all the shows I like and watch them when I want to watch them.  And of course this has the added benefit of being able to skip the adverts. But, and how often have you done this, this can become so normal a way of watching shows that on the rare occasions I watch a show live and the adverts come on, I forget it’s live and pick up the remote to skip the adverts.

There must be a name for the feeling you experience when that happens.  I can almost hear the collective groans as many in the nation try the exact same thing.


As with last week, this was a weekend mixed with football and football……that’s soccer and NFL.  My 2nd team, The Packers, were playing at 1:15am (Sunday) so really by mentioning it, I’m into another day.  I’m having a Marty McFly moment here.

Anyway, as usual I sat up to watch it to the bitter end and despite it being a close game and having one of the most amazing (and successful) Hail Mary’s by Aaron Rodgers with 3 seconds to go to bring the scores level, it had a disappointing outcome as The Packers quickly lost it in OT.


Such an anti climax after such an ending in regular play !

Tomorrow it’s the turn of my 1st team, The Broncos.  I may be suicidal if they lose too !


Before the NFL games started, but I’ve no idea when exactly as I’d the living room blinds closed, there be snow.

Yes it was clearly warm enough for snow today and when it came, it came thick and fast. I knew about it thanks to a photo put up by a pub a couple of miles away that I follow on Facebook. The text with the photo was a bit confusing as the writer had tried to be clever and was basically suggesting that punters could ski to the pub and it took me a while to remember that snow had been forecast this evening and he was telling us it had clearly arrived.

I peeked through the blinds and viewed a scene that would have been awesome a couple of weeks ago at Christmas.  A winter wonderland.  And on a weekend.  How thoughtful.  I nipped upstairs to my front bedroom and took a photo to record the scene out the window.


It’ll probably be gone by the morning but it was good to look out on something other than rain !


I’m on to the 3rd episode of Mr. Robot and I’m going off it a bit.  It’s Rami Malek.  All the attributes that I liked about him in the 1st episode are now annoying me.  He’s become like the constant adverts I was talking about.  One hour of him was ok – sullen, moody, anti-social, quirky. But now I’ve onto the 3rd hour and I’m in danger of having had enough of him already.

Maybe if he cracked a smile it would help. Somehow I can’t see that happening in this show. So…….

rami malek.jpg

There…..much better.  Thanks to that, I’ll give it a few more episodes.


Today was my dad’s birthday.  He’d have been 104 !  As it was he died in 1986, when I was only 34.

He left too early.  Way too early.

Happy birthday dad.




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