Wednesday January 20th, 2016

Wednesdays, being mid week, are usually when I go out for a pub lunch with my friend Daphne and then come back to my place for a coffee, a chat, and if there’s time, an episode or two of Modern Family.

Oh yes, we know how to live !

Although we have a few local pubs that we regularly frequent, we like to find news ones when we can. This morning I checked out The Half Moon Inn at Pool-In-Wharfdale, about a 20 minute drive away, and according to TripAdvisor it had changed hands recently and the reviews were pretty good.

So we set off at about 12:45 and as Daphne was talking my ear off when we approached Pool-In-Wharfdale, I was mentally on a beach somewhere and overshot the pub. It was about a quarter of a mile further on before I found a place to u-turn and returned to The Half Moon.  It was not a very welcoming car park and the building itself looked like it needed quite a bit of TLC.  Upon entering and after getting our eyes accustomed to the light, or lack of it, we saw the place was empty.

As we approached the bar, a distant voice shouted out that they weren’t open and weren’t serving food in any case !  As I’d just checked out the opening hours and the food menu less than an hour ago on their web site, I wasn’t impressed. The new owner, I’m assuming, said they’d just taken over the pub and still hadn’t got access to the website.

Well as your window to the world, I’d say that should have been a priority.

Very annoying but as there was nothing else to do, we left.  Daphne pointed out that there had been a pub where I’d done the u-turn and so we drove back there.

The Hunters Inn, for that was its name, looked decent on the outside but not exactly welcoming on the inside. It too was gloomy but at least there was a real coal fire blazing away in the eating area. We were handed one menu (!) and made our way to a table near the fire, passing two old ladies seated at the only other occupied table. When I said “hello” to them, one of them said she hoped we weren’t in a rush to eat as they had been waiting 30 mins for their meals.  As we sat down, their meals arrived and I noticed they’d both ordered toad in the hole.

Would that be toads in the hole or toads in the holes ?

Daphne and I also picked the same meal but for us, it was the steak and ale pie. Having listened to what the lady had said, I checked my watch……

As we chatted, the barman came over with the condiments and cutlery and took the opportunity to ask the ladies if everything was ok with their meals.  They seemed to mumble yes as he left immediately.

We chatted some more. Well what I mean is, Daphne talked some more.  After exactly 30 mins even she had run out of things to say but our meals arrived to save the day. The barman then when to the ladies table to remove their plates but as this was going on behind me, I never saw what food they left. He asked again if everything HAD been ok and it was only then that the ladies said their sausages hadn’t been cooked properly !

Surely they hadn’t been cooked properly when the barman asked them the first time…..when there was time to do something about it ?  Maybe they hoped the sausages would continue to cook as they ate them !  Gotta love us Brits when it comes to complaining when eating out.

Anyway our meals were just fine and the pies were full of tasty meat AND PIPING HOT.

No one else came in to eat while we were there and only a couple of locals came in to have a drink and prop up the bar. Not a place we’ll be adding to our favourites list but it was ok on the day.


Back home and we did indeed have our coffees and two episodes of Modern Family.  Only 35 more and we’ll be caught up.


I’m still struggling to follow many parts of my 1970 diary.  The entry for today mentioned so many boys by their nicknames that despite being a member of the school “group” on Facebook, I can’t match up real names with nicknames

And these included the teachers, especially the priests – but their nicknames can’t be mentioned here !

Today’s diary entry mentioned Blinkers, Doogy, Fairy (!), Cully, Monty, Yogi, Duck, and the delightfully named Olly Creep and Rubadub.

Now Rubadub was a dayboy and we boarders had to use them to bring in items from the outside world, especially records.  You know, music records ?  Vinyl discs ?  Singles ? 45’s ?

Come on….some of you reading this must remember them ?!

The first single I ever bought was back in 1965 when I was 13 and I still have it today.  I think. Upstairs under the spare bed probably. It was “Mirror, Mirror” by Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours and featured the lead singer, Tony Newman, playing an autoharp.

High tech gear in those days. The video link above (click the song name) shows the group much later but it’ll have to do as it was the only footage of them I could find in colour ! It doesn’t take long to watch as back then, most songs lasted about 2 minutes which hardly seems value for money.

Barely time for a chorus.


For the late night movie, after the footy of course, I watched “The Danish Girl” which was a great disappointment to me as it wasn’t about a girl working in a pastry shop at all.

Nothing like !

I jest.  Hopefully.  Actually it was excellent but one of those movies that are very hard to review due to their subject matter/storyline.  Probably best if I leave it at that !


Once again, as in “The Theory Of Everything“, Eddie Redmayne displayed his incredible talent for becoming another person which, as it turned out, was what he needed to do in this movie.

But my eyes were mostly locked on every frame that featured the stunning Alicia Vikander. I first saw this Swedish beauty with the girl next door looks (if only) in Anna Karenina and then parts of her in Ex Machina – if you’ve seen that movie you’ll know what I mean.


If only I was 30 years younger…..and 40 lbs lighter and 70% more handsome and an actor and rich and had confidence and style, I’d give that Fassbender guy a run for his money !

I donno know what she sees in him.


Then to bed (the two aren’t connected !) and back to Treasure Island. I’m 25% into it now and finally Long John Silver, or Stumpy to his friends, has made an appearance so maybe, at long last, we’ll be off to sea and the glorious adventure can really begin.  There has been way too much dry land shenanigans going on for my liking and I’m more than ready to exchange the “yo-ho-ho’s and a bottle of rum” for some “heave -ho me hearties” and “splice the main brace”.

I want the wind in my hair (!) and the smell of the sea mixed with manly sweat and vomit in my nostrils. Despite my only experience of such things being the P & O ferry to France, I’m sure I’ll be right at home on The Hispaniola.

As long as Alicia Vikander is with me.





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