Thursday January 21st, 2016

In an effort to move things along a bit re my reading of Treasure Island, I didn’t turn the tv on as soon as I came downstairs this morning and instead, sat with a coffee and read a few chapters.  We finally made it to sea and by the time my coffee was finished, we’d made it to the island where, no doubt, all sorts of jolly ho-ho-ho type adventures will take place.

I should do it more often.  Coffee and read a bit.

I felt very adult !


Once the tv was on, I caught up with a few shows my TiVo had recorded recently. First up was The National Television Awards as yes, it’s award season over on this side of the pond too.  I was glad I’d recorded it rather than watch it live as I was able to watch the whole show in 15 minutes instead of the 150 minutes it had actually taken.

From the presenter to most of the winners speeches, it was a cringe fest and I’m surprised they even managed to get Danny Dyer‘s ego through the venue doors.  Even Ant & Dec had a halo malfunction by looking bored about winning Best Presenter(s) for the 15th consecutive year, although to be fair, their words didn’t mirror their body language.

I managed to speed through the show by skipping the ads and by also just watching the winners being announced and getting their awards. When I made the mistake of listening to the start of a few speeches, that’s when I lost minutes of my life.

The one towering exception was when the wonderful Dustin Hoffman came on to present a Special Recognition Award to Billy Connolly.  The Big Yin presented a slightly sad figure as he slowly made his way up onto the stage. He looked much older than his 73 years and of course he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease back in 2012. His eyes still twinkled and his wit was just as sharp but he was a shadow of his former energetic self.

The two long standing ovations he got were warm, heartfelt and much deserved.


Just after 6pm I was in the kitchen thinking about what my options were for supper. I opened a cupboard door and happened to see a small pack of tooth picks and for no particular reason, took one and began to do what one does with a toothpick.

Remember my blog post on Tuesday when I’d talked about the two front crowns I’d had fitted by my school’s dentist in 1970 and they were still in place 46 years later ?

Well I guess I didn’t touch any wood after typing that because my picking today suddenly caused a large triangular piece of one crown to break off and land on the kitchen worktop !  Arrgggg.  I looked in a nearby mirror and what I saw filled me with dread.

Then I looked at my teeth !

I did take a selfie for my own benefit but fear not, I’ll not upset anyone by posting it here as my teeth aren’t my strongest feature at the best of times which is why I rarely smile in photos.  And God bless Photoshop when I do.

One of my many concerns was that I had exposed the “stump” that the crown was fitted to. Actually come to think of it, I’m not sure if my crowns are actually caps as I don’t know the difference. Anyway, with a chunk now missing, I was waiting for the toothache to kick in as I was sure the underlying nerve was now exposed.

I knew my dental practice was closed but I left a phone message for them to try and get me in asap tomorrow.

I was going to have a liquid supper so that my front teeth would be well away from use but as the evening wore on and there was no sign of toothache, I got emboldened and decided to fix the lamb steak meal I had been planning to have before the great toothpick debacle.

Thankfully it was fine and with some judicious chewing, I managed to have a good incident free meal.

But knowing that one crown/cap had suffered fatigue after 46 years has left me worrying that the other may be about to go the same way. No more toothpick picking for this fella.


For the late night movie I picked “The Spotlight” which was the second last of the 8 Oscar nominees ( for Best Picture) I’d still to watch.

The movie recounts the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.  

It was an excellent movie although I’m not so sure it deserved even an Oscar nomination. With the reporters frantically running around with open notepads and making dramatic phone calls to try and get sources to back up the allegations, I felt like I was back watching “All The President’s Men” about the Watergate break-in and subsequent scandal.

For Redford and Hoffman, read Keaton and Ruffalo.


Mark Ruffalo looked more 38 than 48 due, mostly, to his haircut but also due to losing a lot of weight.  Michael Keaton played Michael Keaton but with less mouth sucking than in his previous movies and much better for it.

The basic story was never lost in the drama and they stuck to the final sad reality of the almost total lack of accountability, apology or punishment from the Catholic Church.

That reality left as bad a feeling in my mouth as the cracked crown.

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