Sunday January 24th, 2016

Time.  It waits for no man.  Like the tide, or so I’ve heard.

A bit sexist in this PC age.  I’m sure it waits for no woman too. It’s just they make better use of their…..ahhh…..time.

Yeah I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

I think it’s all to do with continually going back to that 1970 diary as I write these posts. Then, more recently there has been the tie in with one of my dental crowns (read back) which happened to have been fitted 46 years ago almost to the day.

Things like that make you, or just me I guess, wonder where the years have gone.  It kinda goes with advanced age.  We seniors are “time rich” to adapt part of a phrase said to me today.  The phrase was actually “cash rich, time poor” which is used to say you are in the position of having the money to not bother shopping around for a bargain and you don’t have the time anyway.

But because fate doesn’t want us to have it all our own way (and has a sick sense of humour), as we get older and have the time to look back on our lives, fate can slap some of us with a wet fish and can kick us in the colostomy bag by slowly eroding those memories till we get to the point where we don’t have them anymore.

As a man of science, I know time is constant.  It doesn’t fly as we get older – it just seems like it does.  When you’re somewhere unpleasant or doing something you hate, it seems to drag. Like being at a Justin Bieber concert.  If you’re somewhere pleasant or doing something you love, it seems to fly.  Like not being at a Justin Bieber concert.

These days, I get constant reminders that for me, time really does seem to be flying as I approach the end of mine. In June I’ll have been retired 15 years.  WHAT !!!  15 years !!!!!

It’s 30 years since my dad died.  46 years since I left school.  63 since I was born.

Where does the time go ?

Just now I watched the pilot episode for a show called The Big Bang Theory. It was first shown in September 2007, not long when compared to those previous examples but still, I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 years since we first saw Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang. Along with Sheldon and Leonard, this was our very first view of Penny…….

Penny 1.jpg

I knew then I’d like this show !

Penny 2

Apologies for the graininess but I was very close to the tv to take these stills !!

I know for a fact that the show won’t be going in another 9 years time.

I just hope I am…….and that I still remember Penny !


Ahhhh Sunday’s.  The day to relax and watch sport.  Or is that a Saturday ?  Or A Wednesday ?  Or….

It was a big sport day today with my NFL team, The Broncos, aiming to get to the Superbowl. All that stood in their way was Tom Brady and his Patriots.  Sounds like a 60’s pop group. Remember Johnny Kidd and The Pirates ?

No neither do I.  Anymore.

Well despite a few stumbles, Payton Manning came through and now I’ve a Superbowl to look forward to in 2 weeks time.  It’ll fly by too.


Today I also watched a show I’d recorded some time ago with Joanna Lumley going to the south of the USA to find out more about her first love, one sided of course, the young Elvis Presley. Elvis before the jump suits, the burgers and the addiction to prescription drugs.

She went to his birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi and to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Somewhere on my old vhs home video tapes there is footage of me at both those places. Despite not being a particular fan, you just have to visit those places when in the area. Perhaps because I’ve got that footage, I do remember those visits. I remember how quiet and peaceful it was at his house in Tupelo. There were no lines, no crowds like at Graceland. In fact for some time I was the only one there. I thought I’d gone to the wrong place.

In her voice over, Joanna told us cameras aren’t allowed inside, even for her crew,  which I thought was strange as she’d been taken around Graceland by Priscilla and given full access.  I guess the house isn’t part of the Presley Money Making Company.

But back when I was a visitor, you could go inside.  And I did.  And there was nothing much to see because as we know, they were dirt poor.

Elvis was only 42 when he died 39 years ago.

He crammed a lot into HIS time.

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