Thursday January 28th, 2016

BREAKING NEWS : I had a dream last night and when I woke, I actually remembered a few seconds of it.  As I tried to remember more, it all quickly faded away, like a politician’s promises.

The bit of the dream that I remembered was getting into bed and finding there was a nest of baby spiders under the quilt. Pulling back the quilt woke them up and the tiny nest exploded with baby spiders going everywhere over the mattress. I wasn’t freaked out by this (clearly it was a dream) and calmly waited till they all settled back into their nest form and then I gently lifted it off the bed and put it into a nightstand drawer.

As proof that dreams can be influenced by what we experience the day or days before, I had watched a YouTube video of a baby spider’s nest earlier this week.

So there.


On the subject of being influenced by watching something, today there was a follow-up to the movie I’d watched yesterday evening…….45 Years.

There had been several scenes where the two main characters had gone for walks in the lovely flat Norfolk countryside, usually with their dog. Their weather wasn’t always perfect so this made me decide I should go out walking more these days. I like walking in the countryside and I’m only a few minutes from it but in the winter months I tend to use my treadmill as I’m a fair weather walker. Time to change.

So by lunchtime, after I’d had my warm and filling porridge, I drove to nearby Eccup Reservoir, parked the car and set off walking along the narrow country lanes with the music of Christopher John Davison, better known as Chris de Burgh, in my ears.

Yes I’m proud to say, I’m the one who likes Chris de Burgh‘s music.

I had a great walk.  I only met a couple of dog walkers the whole time and best of all, it stayed dry, even sunny at times. Well just not in this shot.

Walk 2

At the end of this long straight stretch, there was a dip in the road and then a series of bends which provided a lovely view in a short spell of afternoon sunshine. This edited photo doesn’t show the incline but believe me, after walking 3 miles already, there WAS an incline.

Walk 3

And once at the top, it was back to the long and NOT winding road again without a soul in sight.

Walk 1

I got plenty of fresh air, mixed with some country smells that weren’t so fresh and came home wanting to eat everything in my cupboards !  I settled for a hot cross bun, a banana and an apple and then was ready for a nap.

I didn’t have one. I watched an episode of “Criminal Minds” where the victims had their heads chopped off by a disturbed gentleman using a guillotine.  That kept me awake, I can tell you !  There’s not a lot of comedy in that show.


Back in 1970 I still hadn’t heard a word from Fr. Kerr about my letter in response to him wanting a “full explanation” for, in his mind, my not letting anyone know I was sick a few days ago.  Obviously I didn’t know, and still don’t, what was going on in the background but for now, I was just happy to not see him.

One item from my diary back then was that on this day I got an application form for an Irish passport. My plan for that summer was to get a fruit picking job in England and earn enough money to go to the US for a few weeks sightseeing before starting college in Leicester, England. That’s about as far as I’d gone with the plan but I knew I’d need a passport and in those days, I felt having an Irish one rather than a British one would work better for me in America.

Back then, due to some rules about parents or grandparents being born in Ireland prior to the partition, I had dual citizenship. This was the only time I got an Irish passport and although I didn’t actually go to America that summer of 1970, I did use the passport once, years later when I went with a friend to Canada.

Actually once in Canada I did briefly cross the border into the US for a few hours, as my friend wanted to introduce me to a McDonalds as we didn’t yet have them in the UK. Can you believe that ?  My very first visit to the US and it was just to get a Big Mac !

Anyway, ever since that trip, I’ve had a British passport but I still have the old Irish one upstairs with those stamps in it.


This evening I wanted a relatively early night as I needed to be up at 8:30am to watch Andy Murray in the semi final of the Australian Open. The movie I picked was “Flawless“, starring Robert de Nero and Philip Seymour Hoffman and tells the story of an ultraconservative police officer who suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons – with the drag queen next door.

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

Yes it’s a comedy and not to be confused with the excellent 2007 movie of the same name (but very different story) starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore.

I’ll watch anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it.  Half way through I was thinking it was as much of a comedy as The Martian. But it did have its moments and overall it was enjoyable without the need or desire to watch it again.

And in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

It was 1am and Long John Silver was calling for me.

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