Saturday January 30th, 2016

Well today’s entry won’t take long.  As it was on this date back in 1970, very little happened but then that’s how it goes sometimes.

The forecast “light snow showers” did come mid morning but it amounted to nothing and was all gone a few minutes after it started. Most unsatisfactory.

Mid afternoon I did my usual trick of defrosting a portion of salmon by putting it on top of a radiator on a small toaster oven tray. I’ve learned the hard way that when it’s time to turn it over or remove it, not to trust my memory.  I now use the kitchen timer !

The instructions for a 200g fillet are as follows :

Preheat the radiator to an ambient temperature of 70f or 21.1c.

Place the salmon fillet on a metal tray and place on the radiator.

Defrost for 35-40 minutes, turning half way through the defrosting time.

Check that the fillet is still chilled but slightly flexible.

Place the fillet in the fridge until required. 

Worked a treat as always……and I had it a few hours later for supper.


There was plenty of footy on telle today as it was the 4th round of the FA Cup but I gave it a miss for the most part…..even our 2-1 win away at Bolton.  I tried to catch up on some TiVo recorded shows but quickly lost interest. I did a load of washing and while that was tumbling, I copied some more home movies to dvd.

It’s going to be a very long project.


46 years ago this was a Friday and I was going home for the weekend.

This was a big deal of course as the boarding school was isolated up a mountain and miles from the nearest towns in either direction.  My home was only 30 miles away but a good hours drive as the route was over more mountains. As boarders, we were only home during school holidays but in our 6th form years, we were allowed home on some weekends.  This was one of them.

I only had a few periods that Friday so mid afternoon my mum came to take me home. Dad would have been working. Even though there was little to do at home, it was always great to get away from that school.

I had some mail to catch up with, including a package from NASA. Their public relations dept were excellent at sending out glossy photos and detailed technical information to anyone who requested it and I was probably a recipient of more than my fair share back in those days. I soaked it all up with more enthusiasm and interest than the French and English I was taking for my “A” Levels.

When my dad finished work, he took me to the nearest large town, Coleraine, to continue with my driving instructions as that’s where the test would take place. It was also the nearest town with a set of traffic lights !  Dad, bless him, wasn’t the world’s best driver or teacher but then again, outside of the few major cities in N. Ireland, there wasn’t much traffic on the roads.  You’d more likely have to cope with a tractor or some farm animal than other cars….even in the towns !

It was also good to have supper at home. My brother was at college in England so it was just the 3 of us and we’d always eat at the table. Always. This was before it was common practice to eat while watching tv.

Families ate at the table and talked.


Back to the present and I picked an old movie to watch……and for the first time.

I’ve never been a fan of Woody Allen or his movies but tonight I decided to watch “Annie Hall“.


I almost gave up at several points as I just wasn’t enjoying it at all.  Oh sure there were some clever one liners in it but not all of them were original.  And I’ve never liked Allen’s spluttering, stumbling delivery.

And this was the movie that beat out “Star Wars” for the Best Picture Oscar !

But the movie was interesting if only for a few memorable scenes featuring actors who went on to much bigger (and probably better) movie roles.

Christopher Walken (or Wlakin as he appeared in the credits) got a few minutes and Jeff Goldblum got about 2 seconds. And what possessed a casting director to give a role to Paul Simon ?

I did have to do a quick rewind when seeing the name of Sigourney Weaver in the end credits. Yes true enough, there she was, at a distance, as Allen’s date outside the theatre in almost the last scene.  No lines and you’d never know it was her.

I wonder if she knew that in just over 30 years she’d be the star of the highest grossing movie in history.

Based on this inauspicious start to her movie career, I rather doubt it.


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