Monday February 1st, 2016

Well bye bye January.  You’ll not be missed.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

So here we are in a new month and you’d never know the difference. The continuous rain and high winds are still with us and showing little signs of easing anytime soon. I’m saying “easing” because “stopping” is being a tad too optimistic.

Then again, the forecasters are promising us (ha !) a lovely Wednesday so we’ll see.  Isn’t it wonderful to be promised ONE DAY of good weather. A month !

I get a daily quote via email, although the quotes are often pathetic and from people I’ve never heard of.

In another of those spooky events that seem to happen to me, today’s quote was……

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”

Someone’s having a laugh, I’d say.  The quote was from Langston Hughes (born 1902) and the email said he was elected class poet at his school in Lincoln, Illinois.

So clearly not a weather forecaster then ! 


As the weather was so bad today, I watched “Grease Live” to cheer me up a bit.  Having seen “The Sound Of Music Live” a few weeks ago, I thought this cast was being very ambitious taking on Grease.  But I loved it.  The production was so impressive and the enthusiasm of the players was fantastic.  I was only aware of one sound glitch which in a 2hr 12min show (that was spread over so many stages and sets that the cast members had to move around via golf carts), was some achievement.


Well done to all concerned.


I went to Sainsburys this afternoon for a small shop.  With all the time in the world, I’m always upset when I find myself in a supermarket around 3pm when the kids are just getting out of school.  Suddenly the previously half empty aisles are full of screaming kids with their mothers in tow (usually) and I’m left wishing I’d planned my visit with more care, time wise.

I had thought about mentioning my honey glazed ham story (see previous post) but for once i went with my head and let it go.  I’m sure I’m already on their list of annoying customers who complain about anything.  It’s an age thing I think.  Or maybe it’s just a Victor Meldrew gene that lies dormant in us all and comes to the fore once we get beyond 60 !

That’s my excuse anyway.


Back home I settled down to have a relaxing late afternoon/evening.

Things hadn’t been so relaxing back on the first Monday in February, 1970.

Remember how I’d been “asked” by Fr. Kerr (Dean of Discipline) to give him a written explanation of why I wasn’t available for lessons on 26th January and I’d popped it under his door shortly afterwards and then heard nothing ?

Well on my return to the school after a weekend at home, I was sent for by the President, Fr. McHugh or Sticky as we called him. Making my way to his office I suddenly remembered I’d forgotten to officially report back so I thought that was what my summons was about.

After entering his office, that was initially what Sticky got me for.  But then he held up my written letter and shouted “Is this your work” ?   As I’d signed the damn thing I thought this was teetering on the blindingly obvious but decided to keep this to myself.  Sticky then ranted and raved for 10 minutes saying he ought to tell my parents and the usual “your brother would never have done this” which always pissed me off.  He called it gross impertinence, told me to apologise to Kerr and finally shouted at me to get out.

At this point I’d better explain that my letter was an early example of my sarcastic style of writing and reading it now (for I still have it within the diary), it comes over as rather wordy, a trait I’ve maintained over the years as proven by this blog.  As well as explaining what took place, I took the opportunity to mention that the method used to let those in authority know who was off sick was seriously flawed and needed overhauling. I guess this hadn’t gone down well.

Outside the office I breathed again and although I thought the anger at me was uncalled for, I decided I’d got off lightly considering Sticky’s reputation for using the strap with little or no provocation.

I also decided not to go out of my way to apologise to Kerr and as the day went on, I totally forgot about it.

That evening I was with the other boys watching Panorama up in the tv room when a furious Sticky burst in and told me to follow him to his office. He wasn’t actually too angry once we got there and just told me to go rightaway and apologise to Kerr.  I went to his room and for a good 30 minutes I was verbally assaulted by him.  I was on trial, told I couldn’t speak, was told to tell all the boys who may have read the letter that I was totally wrong to have written it, called a cheeky pup (oh so harsh), told I should never have come to this school etc etc.

Basically I think he’d lost the plot and it was probably a good thing that he’d told me not to speak !

Never one to pass up an opportunity to abuse his power and despite the fact I had apologised, he put me off my privileges for an indefinite period and couldn’t go to the film on Friday.

I actually complained to Sticky but already knew the outcome…..he said the punishment was appropriate.  Oh and I also had to apologise to matron as I’d made a reference to her in the letter.  That reference was that she hadn’t come to see me (as she didn’t know I was ill) so it wasn’t exactly a reference I felt needed an apology.  Collateral damage I guess.

Being off 6th form privileges at a boarding school was a big deal; privileges included going home on occasional weekends, being able to miss evening prayers and being able to stay out till 10:15pm.  Missing out on the film was just as bad as I’d not missed one in almost 7 years.

My dislike of priests, already pretty deeply rooted, took a sharp upward spike that day.  Oh I know it wasn’t anything major compared to others but you have to remember that up until then, my disciplinary record was spotless as I’d never been in any trouble at all.

THAT was why I felt so aggrieved by that situation.

And still do !


Back in the present and after supper I settled down to watch “Inside Out” again….but in 3D.

Inside Out 3D

I know it’s not had the home takeup that the tv manufacturers hoped for, but watching movies in 3D is so much more of an experience than in 2D.  You really get into the movie and although animated ones are the best in this format, others are as well.

I’ve over 60 of them now and even the much maligned “Jupiter Rising” is a much better watch in 3D although it does nothing to help Eddie Redmayne‘s voice and acting.


Then it was 2am and time for bed…..and a few more pages of “Fall Of Giants“.  According to the Kindle app, I’ve 5hrs 32mins left in the book but given my speed, that time, like the rain, will probably last till the end of February !

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