Tuesday February 2nd, 2016

Lets face it, sometimes a day is just a nothing day and this was mine.

In between getting up and going to bed, I had a couple of meals, did a load of washing, walked 3 miles on the treadmill, watched two episodes of “The X-Files” and ate a few blocks of a Cadbury’s Fruit ‘n Nut bar.


Not my most exciting day but tomorrow WILL be better.


And even in 1970 it was a non event day after the “excitement” of yesterday.

Being off my privileges, I had to go to evening prayers and according to my diary entry, I was joined by another 6th former called Gully. As I’d no idea now who that was, I looked at the school magazine and saw a boy called Christopher Gullery in the year below me (Lower 6th) so that has to be him.  Not the most thought out nickname but at least one that was simple to track down.

And Fr. Kerr ?  Well apart from gloating at my being at evening prayers, he told me off for blessing myself with my left hand !

Knowing there was nothing much else he could do to me, I just looked him in the face, said nothing, and walked away.  I’m left handed, you prick !

I wrote in my diary……”these could be a long 5 months !

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