Friday February 5th, 2016

Sometimes a movie jumps out and begs to be my pick for our Friday meal and a movie evening.  Sometimes, like today, it was a struggle to find one at all.

I knew my friends had had a hard week at their respective jobs, with Daphne having done a lot of travelling up, down and across the country, albeit by train.  I didn’t want to pick a long, complex movie as I was sure they’d struggle to follow a convoluted plot.

I’ll mention my choice later.


I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to Nectar points; these are the points I mostly get from shopping at Sainsburys and getting the occasional bonus ones for buying a particular product or shopping so many times in a specified period etc etc.

I’ve got 92,610 of the things, worth £463.05.  It’s taken me many years to amass this total as I don’t spend much even when doing my “big shop”.  In fact I probably get more Nectar points from paying my gas bill by direct debit than I get from shopping at Sainsburys !

But I’ve no loyalty to Sainsburys and would rather shop at ASDA or Tesco if they were closer.  Having worked for ASDA for 25 years, I do have some loyalty to them but not enough to drive 25 minutes to shop there. The Tesco loyalty scheme gets me Virgin Atlantic airmiles so as they are a very useful way to keep my VA account “active”, I shop at there now and again.

I prefer to go to the supermarket rather than order online. I have the time and I can pick my own produce and it gets me out of the house. When online shopping started, I thought the supermarkets would be reluctant to embrace it, given the cost of delivery and manpower needed to fulfill the orders. But not only have they embraced it but they seem desperate to get new business as I’m constantly being bombarded with emails offering all sorts of discounts/offers if I order online.

We’ve come a long way from Green Shield Stamps and shopping at the local corner shop.


I’ve not been keeping up with the diet/exercise this year and just can’t get into a routine at all.  I got on the scales this morning and after breathing in so I could actually see the display, I checked my stats from when I was in a routine last year and saw I’m now at the exact same weight I was a year ago…..well on 13th February 2015 to be precise.

As that was 13 weeks and half way into my early 2015 period of diet/exercise, I felt better and will try and get back on the horse, as they say. Last time I fell off the horse after 27 weeks when I went on a 3 week continental road trip so I know I can do it.

I was thus proud of myself for only eating 2 of those 5 donuts.


When at Daphne and Stephen‘s house this afternoon, we decided to have fish and chips for our meal – so I left to go get them from the local chippie, a 5 minute drive away. Daphne’s brother, Michael, was over for the weekend from his home in Amsterdam so I got 4 portions……and 2 tubs of mushy peas.


The movie I had chosen was 45 Years which I watched a few weeks ago and thought it would be just right for tonight.  Gentle, slow paced and best of all, simple to follow.


We agreed the ending was unsatisfactory and we talked about that and other things till 11pm when I came home. In the short 10 minute drive, 3 cars came towards me without their lights on.  How can they not notice ?  Don’t they look at their instruments for one thing ?

I’d breathalyse them all and even if they didn’t fail, I’d fine them anyway.  Idiots.


I was so tired at bed time that I think I only read 4 pages of “Fall Of Giants” before I had to put the tablet down and fall asleep.

And I had a dream !

Well a nightmare really as in my dream I was still working and stressing out about retiring as I wasn’t sure if I could afford to do so.

Boy was it a relief when I woke up !!




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