Thursday February 4th, 2016

After all the fun of yesterday, today was the classic “after the Lord Mayor’s Show” as I did nothing much except edit photos and buy a pair of sweatpants.

Yes I know.  I bought clothing.  Online.  That was a first.

My HotUKDeals site notified me of a company selling sweatpants or leisure pants or whatever they’re called for £9.99 instead of £16.99 (plus p&p) if you used a code. Seems the code was only supposed to give free p&p but according to the guy on HotUKDeals, due to a glitch it also knocked £7 off the price at the checkout phase.

Well what’s a guy to do ?  I ordered them of course.

Can’t have enough sweatpants I say.


Actually I did do something else online today……I looked at phones.  My current 2 year contact with EE ends sometime in April but I can upgrade 45 days early…..on 15th February.

I’ve always had a HTC phone since I started getting a smartphone 6 years ago.  The first was the HTC Desire, then the HTC One X and now the HTC One M8.

I want one with a better camera (that’s not an Apple phone) so am thinking of getting a Samsung S6 but as usually happens when I’m due for an upgrade, a new model is coming out at just about the exact same time. …the surprisingly named S7.

So if anyone has any other suggestions….UK readers only……please let me know.


My favourite comedy show BY FAR, is The Big Bang Theory and for once I’ve been watching it since the first episode and wasn’t a late joiner.  I love it and never miss an episode.

But it seems to divide people more than any other show I know.  For instance any time someone puts up a post about it on Facebook, the comments section fills up with the haters.  And I mean haters.  I know they’re mostly trolls but honestly, the vile comments about the show are incredible.

I understand that comedy is subjective and personal and what makes one person roll about with helpless laughter can leave someone else po faced.  But I just can’t understand the vitriol aimed at TBBT.

This show is so ridiculously lame. I don’t care about geeks. All the humor is obvious, it’s absurd situations and generally poor acting.

I’ve noticed those who love it are morons. How does that work for you?

I’m a Sci-Fi loving starship dreamer time traveling space gazing hardcore pic gamer photographer and an IT guy for 30+ years… I’m one of the first geeks and this has to Be the dumbest NOT funny nerd/geeks show EVER!

This might be the worst show on tv right now, and a top contender for all time “popular shows that totally suck ass”. Bad writing, shitty stereotypical lame characters, and shitty attempts at jokes with a bloody laugh track. The masses do love mediocrity I guess…..

And those are a few of the “clean” ones. I mean there are lots of comedies I’ve tried to watch but find totally lacking in humour……like 2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother but I don’t hate them or them as vile etc.  I just don’t find them funny so I don’t watch them.

End of.


Back in 1970 and on this date I went with a priest and a group of boys (stop that now !) to Coleraine County Hall to have a look at their computer setup. This meant more to me than the others as I was going to study Computer Science at Leicester Polytechnic after my “A” Levels.

It’s funny to be reading my diary entry now as my excitement was obvious by my descriptions…..

The party was Bartley (the priest), Erna, Bobo, Spoof, James Hughes, Fritz and Jasper. We got to the Hall at 2:55pm and it was brill. We met the 2nd in command who showed us around the computer room which was sterile at 75F.  (Sterile ? Yes I think that was a SLIGHT exaggeration). We saw where the punched cards were fed onto the tapes and a unit that printed 300 words a minute. It was an ICL 1901a and on the drive back we had some great craic.

ICL 1901 mainframe computer   Flickr   Photo Sharing

I remember when I got my first job after college in Leicester.  I was a Computer Operator and part of the job involved, yes you’ve guessed it, feeding punched cards containing the programs into the computer AND when the work was done every night at 10pm, I’d shut down the mainframe……and unpluged it at the wall.  Yep, unpluged it.

I think it was an ICL 1901a too.  Who knew a school trip could have actually been helpful.

Ahhh those were the days.


One thought on “Thursday February 4th, 2016

  1. Milo

    ‘Sweat pants’? I thought we called them tracksuit-bottoms here 😛 Both sound kind of ridiculous don’t they??

    I still have a Samsung S3. Would quite like to upgrade but can’t really justify it. Still just about does the job. I have a third-party ROM on it now, rather than the stock one it came with, which helps a bit.

    I quite like iPhones (and I looove my Macbook Air, which I bought end of 2014 when I was working in the US) – so might get one of those next time (refurb or second hand I think).


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