Saturday February 6th, 2016

It was a horrible wet morning but I still went shopping to Sainsburys…….and got 200 Nectar points for spending more than £10…….worth a whopping……£1.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother but I guess it paid for my petrol there and back.

By going at lunchtime, the car park was relatively empty and there were empty spaces on each side of me when I parked. When I came out there were 2 “Chelsea Tractors” on either side of my little Clio, which looked like a toy car by comparison.

Chelsea Tractors are what we call the large 4×4 beasts that are mostly used by mums to pick up their little prince or princesses from school 200 yds away or to go get their hair/nails done at the salon at the end of their street. If someone should leave a fingerprint on them, they’re sent to the car wash for a full valet and instead of getting an annual service, they just buy a new one.

Chelsea is a posh area of London and the tractor bit is because 4x4s were initially created for off-road work but the owners of these luxury variants would have a fit if their vehicles even went onto the hard shoulder !

You get the idea.

The problem I had today was due to the fact that parking bays at stores here are laid out for the width of our standard cars, and even then it can be a tight fit.  If one of these beasts parks in a supermarket bay, the wheels WILL be on the lines or even over them…..certainly not within them.

I had a beast on either side of me so there was no way I could get inside my car without performing a bit of yoga and also accepting a metallic coming together.

I’m 63.  I’m overweight.  I’m unfit.  It was not a pretty sight getting into my car. I squeezed certain parts of my anatomy that hadn’t been squeezed for a LONG time.  At one point I was half way in and, obviously, halfway out and panic set in that I’d not get any further.

I probably shouldn’t have taken my shopping with me !

With an audible “plop”, I finally made it safely inside the car despite getting very close to having a colonoscopy via the gear stick.  I was still rearranging my clothing (3 layers as it was cold) and was moving my belly button round from my side when the driver of the beast next to my door returned with no visible shopping, got in and drove away !

I could suddenly see an advantage of online shopping.


So a cold, wet Saturday. Yep time to catch up on some recorded shows and movies.

For a start I watched the first 3 episodes of “Mr. Robot” despite having watched them only a week or so ago !  There were large chunks I’d never seen before so I guess I’d nodded off during those initial viewings.

I do this a lot in the evenings.  Usually after supper.  Seems my body can’t multitask anymore.  It’s either process food, which means shutting down non related systems, or watches the tv.  Just not both.  The thing is that I’m not asleep as such but just on the edge……ok slightly over the edge….so that I can kinda hear the tv but not really see it. When something loud shakes me out of it, I’ll rewind if it’s a movie but if it’s a tv show, I just let it carry on and I can usually pick up the thread.

Anyway I managed to stay awake this time and can now watch episode 4 safe in the knowledge that I know the back story.

For now !


I did watch a movie this evening that I didn’t snooze through….which has to be a point in its favour.

It was “The Good Dinosaur” and I loved it. Yes it got many bad reviews on the IMDB but I take those with a pinch of salt.  It was like a mix of Ice Age meets The Croods meets Dinosaur and it was enchanting.


The non character animation was some of the best I’ve ever seen and most of the time I was wondering if the movie was a mix of animation and real life footage…….as in Dinosaur. It wasn’t.  It was just superb. Stunning.

Pixar at its very best.



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