Monday February 8th, 2016

Going to bed at 4am (thank you NFL) and needing to be up again at 10am didn’t leave much time for bedtime reading…..but I still managed a few pages !  I was certainly tired enough but I’m so determined to get to the end of this book that I just can’t settle down to sleep without turning a few virtual pages at least.

The reason for getting up relatively early was because I had an appointment with the dentist to remove the temporary crown he fitted 2 weeks ago and replace it with a new permanent crown, assuming it had come back from the labs.

It had.

Removing the temp crown was not the simple task he’d thought it would be.  He decided not to give me any anesthetic but I wish he had as the removal was very painful.  I won’t go into the details but let’s just say he twice had to scrape me off the ceiling when he literally hit the nerve.

Anyway with the new crown in place I suddenly remembered that I had wanted to take a selfie beforehand – my redneck look.  Oh well.  Probably a good thing that it never happened.

It wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.


As I was out and about and as the car only had 56 miles worth of petrol left in the tank, I decided to go on to Tesco‘s and get a fill up. I also needed new trainers so thought I’d pop in and check out what they had to offer.

The answer was……nothing much.

So I drove on to The White Rose Shopping Centre as I knew there was a Sports Direct in the centre and I’d be sure to get trainers there. I’d also have a look around the other stores at the same time.

As usual this year it was throwing it down as I drove there but I got a parking space right by the main doors so it didn’t bother me.  My first port of call was Carphone Warehouse as in a week’s time I’ll be able to get a new phone but am still not sure which one to get.

The salesman did the figures between buying a phone outright and getting a SIM only contract or getting the phone as part of a monthly contract. It was too close to call, which I didn’t actually believe.  They’re supposed to be independent but I think nearer the time I’ll just contact my carrier, EE, and see what they can offer me.


By now I was hungry so I went up a floor to the food court. There were a few healthy options but as I’ve no willpower, I went for a less than healthy option……and it was GOOD.  Sports Direct was on the same floor so that was my next stop.

The first salesperson had to leave his stock moving task to help me and it was soon obvious he wanted to get back to it… he was less than helpful.  I saw a colleague of his helping a tiny Asian couple so I went across to eavesdrop.  He was REALLY good and got out lots of trainers and gel insoles for the woman to try on so I made up my mind to wait for him to finish with them and ask him to help me.

Good decision. I told him my requirements and he took me straight to where I needed to be and after trying on a couple of pairs, I got the trainers I needed.  Not my usual style or colour but I’m all for change… and then.


I had a wander around PC World before leaving and then I went home.

That was plenty of shopping for one day !


I think I’m coming down with a cold.  My friend, Typhoid Daphne, currently has a cold and a generous nature and probably passed it on to me. I have nausea, a cough and feel tired all the time.

But I’m not one to complain.  I’ll suffer in silence.

I’m a man.


Tomorrowland” was on tv and I watched it again.  I know it got slated but it wasn’t that bad. I like most movies with Clooney in them but I’m still not sure why he picked this one.  Maybe he thought it would be a big one, a blockbuster.  Given the budget and the special effects it could have been……but the story wasn’t strong enough and the “we are the future” ending didn’t help.



By night time my new crown was giving me some issues.  Any hot or cold drink affected it, not enough to call it toothache but more like heightened sensitivity.  Given the pain I got when the stump was being prepared for the crown this morning, I put it down to that and hoped things would be better by tomorrow…..or the next day.  My theory was the nerve had been given a bit of a shake up and needed time to settle down again.

It’s a theory.


Back to my 1970 diary and the events from today’s entry tell you everything you need to know about the system there in those days.

It had been snowing and we’d been sliding and throwing snowballs as you’d expect.   Fr. Kerr, the Dean of Discipline,  took exception to this and gave “the strap” to anyone he saw doing this. He was giving 6 of the best to a 5th year who had just been throwing snowballs and a boy called Anthony O’Neill (nicknamed Hardie for some reason) was standing nearby counting them out loud when Kerr told him to hold out HIS hand.  Hardie refused, telling him he’d done nothing wrong. Kerr again told him to put out his hand and again Hardie refused, putting his hands in his pockets.

Kerr started strapping his legs, threatening to take him to the President, Fr. McHugh (Sticky). Hardie said “we’ll bloody well go now then” and off they went.

This was all very unusual behaviour for we never talked back to the priests.

At just 15, he was a true rebel !

Never one to miss a trick, Kerr went in first, shutting Hardie outside the room, giving Sticky his version of events. Then Hardie was let in, wasn’t allowed to open his mouth and was told he was being sent home for a few weeks.

I don’t know if there was a follow up to this story as I’m not reading ahead at this point. There probably wasn’t, as the priests ran the place so there would have been no come back for Kerr’s actions.  Hardie certainly came back as I’ve seen him in the following year’s class photo when he was in the Lower 6th.  No doubt his parents would have been ashamed that he talked back to a priest as back then, as we know, priests could pretty much do what they liked and sadly many did.

During the 7 years I was there, I saw almost daily incidents of priests bullying, physically and mentally, young impressionable boys who should have been in their care.

It greatly affected me then and made impressions on me about religion in general and priests in particular that have influenced my attitudes to this day.

Safe to say, school days were NOT the happiest of my life.


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