Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Well I mentioned in my previous post that I felt I had a cold coming on…..and did it ever !

It was probably a dose of “man flu” but it knocked me out for over a week and I’d say I’m still only at 80% of full functionality. I’m still blowing out enough phlegm to open a second hand phlegm store and yesterday, when I went out for the first time since LAST Tuesday, I was as weak as the proverbial kitten and my shopping trip had to be cut short.

Now being a proper man, I’m not one for going on and on about such things but Typhoid Daphne really did a number on me this time. Bizarrely enough, one of the worst times was the mid week evening when my eyes started watering as if I’d been cutting onions. It just came on suddenly as I was watching tv and was awful. I assumed it would soon be over and continued dabbing my eyes and trying to watch tv but it was impossible as they stung like crazy.

I’d never experienced anything like it and have no idea where this symptom came from but I didn’t like it.  Didn’t like it at all.  No, no, no. In the end, despite it being only 9pm, I had to go to bed in the hopes that having my eyes closed would stop the watering. Thankfully it did but that was the start of several days where I was in bed at weird times and therefore was getting up at weird times.  I’d no idea what day it was most of the time but then, I usually feel that way……being retired an’ all.

Anyway like I said, I don’t like to go on about it but I was proper poorly and I’m still not fully over it but I’ll soldier on typing this update post…..as that’s the kind of person I am.

A hero ?  Well I’m not sure and really it’s for others to say that.


Last Tuesday I was not 100% happy with my new crown (see previous post) as it was still a bit sensitive even after 24 hrs.  I had a prior appointment with the hygienist for the following day (9th) so I did mention it to the lovely Emma who said the nerve could take a few days to settle down after the poking that it got the day before and that’s been the case – it’s fine now.

Just as well because I didn’t fancy another trip to the dental practice.  On reflection I just about got the new crown fitted in time as it was that afternoon (9th) that the cold came on strong and kept me in the house for a week.


Diary wise, I’ve nothing exciting to say about the last week when I’ve been away from the blog.  If I wasn’t in bed, I was in my chair watching tv. Or in the kitchen fixing meals. I never lost my appetite and, if anything, ate more than usual as it gave me something to do !

I didn’t have much energy for cooking proper meals but as I’d quarantined myself, I’d no choice but to get on with it.

Thankfully I was never bored as I’ve more tv programming stored up to last me till next year at least.  I mostly stayed off the internet as I just didn’t feel well enough to interact on social media. Sitting watching tv for most of my waking hours was all I could do.

Hang on, I seem to have drifted back to my cold.  How did that happen ?   My bad.


Yesterday I went to Sainsburys as I had run out of bread several days earlier and needed a few other basics too…….like battenburg cake and chocolate mini rolls.

Hey, I’d had a cold.  I needed a treat.  Or treats.  Ok ?  Don’t go all judgy judgy on me now.

I went shopping at 1pm to miss the school rush and then realised it’s half term here so there WAS no school rush – the store was already full of the little darlings !  I initially saw lots of kids with obvious grandparents and the penny dropped.  Great.  My favourite shoppers. The kids ran around making noise and the grandparents were about 2 aisles behind, struggling with oxygen canisters and pissed off that they were missing their afternoon naps at the care home.

On the plus side, there had been loads of empty spaces in the car park and as I parked up and switched off the engine, a BMW pulled into the middle of 3 empty bays in front of me. Well I say “pulled into” but in fact it stopped at an angle nowhere near the front of the bay so that it was half way in and also part way over the line into another bay.

Bad BMW Parking.jpg

A little Asian woman got out and without a backward glance, set off for the store. In her defense, which is really no defense at all, I doubt she could see much over the top of the steering wheel so perhaps she thought she was well into the bay.

Or perhaps she was just a crap driver.

Once inside, I went up to the store’s cafe as I needed some food – my energy levels were dropping just getting to the store !   The idea was to have something light but when I saw they had an offer on fish and chips (£4.50), I couldn’t resist.

Sainsburys Fish & Chips

This was easily the biggest meal I’d had in a week and my body wasn’t happy about having to process it all and do the shopping at the same time. Something had to give and my energy levels dropped like a stone dropping from a very high place indeed.

I needed to get home to my chair. I went straight to the bread (and cake) section and put a few items in my cart and that was it.  Time to leave dodge.

Heading for the checkouts, I went around an aisle end and saw these doughy monstrosities for sale.

Large Crumpets

Mr. Warburton….what were you thinking ?!  I can barely get a regular crumpet into my toaster and now you give us these monsters !  I tried to use my hand for scale but as the packaging hid the product, scale will have to be imagined.

They were big !  And very silly.  I see no future for these crumpets.  Mr. Warburton.

The lines at the few checkouts that were open were full of grandparents with walkers,  kids messing with the items on the belts and a strong smell of urine. I fear both parties could have been guilty. I also noted an unusual amount of alcohol was being bought but as I’ve no grandkids, or kids for that matter, I’m not going to judge.

So I went to a self checkout and naturally found the one that hates customers…..with a technological passion.  I took the “own bag” option but it didn’t seem to like my choice and kept telling me to wait for assistance.

I tried a WalMart bag…..wait for assistance.

I tried a Winn-Dixie bag……wait for assistance.

I tried a Publix bag……wait for assistance.

(Yes I brought a lot of supermarket bags back from the US on my last trip)

A staff member took pity on me and did some fancy smancy button pushing and I was off and running. I only had 4 items but it took me so long that when I was finally at the “finish and pay” point, I looked through the store’s large windows and saw most of the grandparents driving off with their charges running alongside their cars shouting “we’ll be good, gramps, we promise. Please let us in.”

I hate self checkouts.

When I got home I was beat. A week of doing so little and coping with a potentially fatal illness had left me…….weak. So I had a nap.

I felt like a proper grandparent.

But one without alcohol.


Back to today and I met up for lunch with Daphne, having partially forgiven her for giving me the lurgy. We went to our usual watering hole, The Lord Darcy, and I had my usual meal there, salmon.

Darcy Salmon

Back home we had a coffee and then watched “The Good Dinosaur” which I enjoyed even more the 2nd time. Daphne then went home and I watched two live Champions League games and ended the evening by watching “Spy Game” – an oldie from 2001.

Any movie with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt in it had to be good….and it was.

Spy Game

So that’s it…..my first post back after my dramatic medical hiatus.

But I don’t like to talk about it.

But typing about it is another matter altogether.


One thought on “Tuesday February 16th, 2016

  1. Jenny

    Well, it was a BMW driver. What did you expect? I’ve just read your description of the ‘inmates’ of the supermarket to Keith, daughter Claire and her partner, Neil and they all thought it was hilarious, as did I! I should be careful when you go shopping in the near future though. A clout from a zimmer frame is not something you want! 😉


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