Thursday February 18th, 2016

Today was a bit of a waste as I’d arranged to have the ADT home security guy come to service my system but they could only give me a general afternoon slot (1-6pm) which pretty much tied me to the house. Having just about fully recovered from my cold (did I mention I’d had a cold ?), I wanted to get out into the fresh air after being cooped up inside for over a week.

He did come at 3pm and as there wasn’t much to check, he was gone in 30 mins. I’m not sure if he was going to check the backup battery but when I told him we’d had a power cut during the Superbowl and I’d wondered how long the battery would have lasted, he said a couple of hours…….and then proceeded to check it. He connected some gizmo onto it to simulate a full load and said the battery was almost dead !

So when it managed 45 minutes during the outage before the power came back, I guess that was its last gasp. He replaced the battery, which came under the contract, so I was thankful I had the service done at this time.


In 1970 I went home today for the weekend. I had no classes after lunch and so when my mum came to the school at 1:30pm, I was off.  As I was learning to drive, I took the wheel for the 1 hr trip home and according to my diary, we took some boy named Bobo with us to drop off in Ballymoney where presumably he’d go on to his home – wherever that was. I’ve no memory of anyone called Bobo.

When we got to McGregor’s Corner on the A43 from Waterfoot, I felt something was wrong with the car. I drove on through Clough but at Cloughmills it was getting hard to steer so I stopped and had a look and sure enough, found there was a flat tyre.

I discovered a flat tyre which I soon changed with the help of a passing motorist

Yesssss.  Well given my abilities with even basic car maintenance, I think the passing motorist must have done most of the work, if not all. Needless to say I’ve no memory of this event either, which is why I kept the diary in the first place.

Once we got home and I got settled, the diary entry said the 2 lodgers came back from work at 6pm but left for the weekend which was how I was able to stay as we only had 3 bedrooms. I’d forgotten we took in lodgers in those days.  My parents both worked multiple jobs to pay for my school fees but this wasn’t enough and so took in lodgers too. At the time I never realised or appreciated the sacrifices my parents made to send both of us to boarding school.

Even all that they did was not enough when both of us were at school and some relatives helped out, something I never knew about till many years later when I happened to criticise an aunt. Mum soon put me in my place by telling me how she’d helped us out financially.

It was a lesson that has stuck with me……don’t be fast to judge as you rarely know all the facts.


After supper I tried to watch Sleepy Hollow again and once again I gave up after about 20 mins of the second episode.  I mean I could accept someone fighting in the American Civil War, getting “killed” and coming round 250 years later in the modern town of Sleepy Hollow.  What I couldn’t accept was his lack of amazement and how easily he took to life in the 21st century.  People around him were constantly saying things he should not have understood and I’ve never seen a civil war fighter getting into a car so casually and putting on his seat belt without being told and without asking what was this magical form of transport !


I think it was at the same point that I abandoned it the last time I’d tried to watch the series.

There won’t be a 3rd time.

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