Wednesday February 24th, 2016

One of my fav tv shows over the years has been “Air Crash Investigation“, called “Mayday” in the US.  When a new series returns, it seems they repeat all the old ones so that right now, there are several episodes showing per day….and for some reason my TiVo box records the lot.

Due to my dodgy memory, I usually have to watch the first 20 mins of each one before I can remember what caused the crash and seeing so many over the last few days, it’s shocking how many are caused by pilot error….or in some very disturbing cases, pilot or co-pilot suicide/murder.

The most recent one I watched (admittedly a rerun), told the story of a USAir employee who, because back in the day could bypass security at check-in time), managed to take a .44 magnum on board and shoot his boss who earlier in the day had fired him for petty theft. Now when the plane crashed, all the investigators had to go on were the 6 shots picked up by the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and data from the FDR (Flight Data Recorder).

The 2 black boxes.

They did an amazing job working out that while the plane was cruising at 22,000 ft between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the disgruntled employee first put two bullets into his boss, then shot the flight attendant, the co-pilot and the pilot.  So what about the 6th shot ?

The FDR showed that after the 5th shot, the control column was pushed forward, putting the plane into a fatal dive, before the 6th shot was heard.

So did the killer shoot himself to speed up the process for himself ?  No.

When they found the gun at the crash site, which was a miracle in itself considering the plane had been reduced to tiny fragments over a huge area, a small part of the gunman’s skin was still attached to the trigger indicating he was still holding the gun at the moment of impact. Investigators learned there was a chief pilot on board as a passenger and the final report came to the conclusion, as it was the only one that could be made, that this pilot came forward to try and pull the plane out of the dive but the gunman shot him too…the 6th shot heard on the CVR.

They reckoned the plane was falling at 770 mph upon impact and experienced a deceleration of 5,000 times the force of gravity ! Mercifully the passengers would have been unconscious due to the dive speed but I can’t begin to imagine the terror they felt for those last minutes before that happened.

It was a terrible case.  Someone fired for petty theft decided to get his revenge by killing the man who fired him but did it in such a way that he and all the other passengers and crew died as well.

How they worked all this out is why I love this show.   Frightening at times, but fascinating too.


I went out for lunch with Daphne and because she was working till 1pm, we went locally and ended up at The Dexter which is just up the road at the junction of Wigton Lane and Wike Ridge Lane.  It’s never busy at lunch time and we enjoyed a couple of chicken meals with drinks for under £20.

Dexter Meal
Thank you Daphne !


Back at my house we watched The Amazing Race which has become a bit of a tradition when it’s showing. In episode 2 of this series, the contestants were in Columbia and it reinforced my opinion that it’s not a country I’d ever want to visit. That said, the old town of Cartagena did look very pretty with its Spanish style buildings, plazas and general appearance.

Sadly it’s in Columbia !


Tomorrow was to be another lovely day weather wise so I made the decision before going to bed that I’d go into town to get a 1-2-1 demo of the Samsung Galaxy S7 that I’d pre-ordered on Tuesday and would get delivered to me on 8th March, 3 days before the official launch to the public. I thought it would be good to know all about it before getting my hands on my own.

So I went to bed early… 2am……and read a few more pages of my book before shutting down my tablet and settling down to sleep.

I was just drifting off when I heard a repetitive chirping noise from downstairs. I knew immediately what it was and I knew I had to deal with it as the noise would go on all night.

I crawled out of bed and came downstairs and sure enough, it was the indoor/outdoor weather station that was making the noise……just because the batteries were low.

Weather Station

Why do all these battery driven devices hit their low battery moments in the early hours of the morning ?  The smoke detector, the CO2 detector and now the weather station. Why does the last one even NEED an audible alarm ?

Just die !  I can handle that.  I’d see a blank screen and think…….oh the batteries need replacing.


I just removed one of the three batteries to stop the chirping and went back to bed.

I don’t know what the weather was like outside at that point, but the atmosphere in the bedroom was frosty, to say the least.





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