Friday February 26th, 2016

This morning I was up with the lark, which then gave me a peck on the cheek and flew out the window. I hate one night stands !

Ahhh Fridays…..5th best day of the week.  It was to be the usual afternoon and evening featuring lunch with my friend Barbi, followed by a meal and a movie with Daphne and Stephen. Today however I was squeezing in a shopping trip to Tesco as I needed a basic shop..bread, fruit, milk etc.

So after having my breakfast porridge at noon, as you do, I set off for Tesco to get my usual Friday order of a foot long steak and cheese sub with a latte for Barbi and a steak and cheese salad and a hot chocolate for me. I don’t quite have as many Subway points (2527) as Nectar points (94,957) but then I keep spending the Subway ones !

Armed with the food, I drove the short distance to Barbi’s place and we had a good catch-up while we ate. Then as planned, her Tesco home shopping delivery arrived while I was there to put the groceries away for her.  Just after 3pm I left to go to Tesco myself to do my own shopping and got a bit carried away with their Classic Kitchen range and decided to stock up my freezer with several of their meals.

At 3 for £6 for these complete meals, I can eat as if I was back in my student bedsit days !


After putting my shopping in the car and returning my trolley/cart, I saw an old guy with a walking stick struggling to get his shopping from his trolley into his car which was parked in the closest handicap bay to the store. I helped him and then took his trolley back and he was very grateful.

As I passed him again on the way to my car, he started talking to me and one thing led to another and I ended up getting the full story of his ailments ( a long list including gout) and even those of his wife, who, it turned out, had been taken into hospital only the day before.

I kept edging further away and after several minutes I was so far from him that he started texting me and then I got a Facebook friend request from him.

Only joking.  But I’m sure I was there a good 5 minutes getting the story of his family (never visit), his dog (in a cone after a vet visit), his house (got damp and Sky TV……I know…..what ?  Never heard of that deal) and of course his wife (gout too) who I suspect was enjoying her time away from him in hospital !

Bless.  I was just glad I’d not bought any frozen goods.


I drove to Daphne & Stephen’s house and despite having that food in the car, I knew the temperature was low enough that it would be fine for the 7 hours before I’d get home.

We watched Wednesday’s Survivor and at about 6pm Daphne and I went to the local chippie (Atlantis on Harrogate Road) as we’d decided to have fish and chips for our meal this evening.

After supper we settled down to watch “The Lion King” as Daphne had never seen it before.  Boy did it look dated compared to modern animated movies……but then it was 22 years old !

When it came to the scene where Simba’s dead father appears as a cloud (oh sorry……spoiler alert) I was reminded of the spoof in The Simpsons when Lisa sees a similar cloud except it starts with Bleeding Gums Murphy who thanks her for making jazz popular, then Mufasa appears saying “You must avenge my death, Simba”, then Darth Vadar appears saying “Luke, I Am Your Father” and finally James Earl Jones appears saying “This Is CNN”.  The last 3 were all voiced by James Earl Jones of course.

Ok it was funny at the time !

The Simpsons  Jazzman  Lisa and Bleeding Gums Murphy  Part 2   YouTube

After the movie we watched Gogglebox which is always good for a laugh and then I went home and finally got my groceries into the fridge. I think they’d been colder in the car boot !


Back in 1970, my diary records that on this day I got my passport back from the US consulate in Belfast with a US Visitor Visa in it.  Someone born in N. Ireland but with parents or grandparents who had been born before N.I. became part of the UK could claim Irish or British citizenship.

As I planned on going to America during the summer, I’d decided to get an Irish passport as I thought that would help me more given the large number of Irish communities there and the general impression that Irish people were good people !

I’d got my passport from the Dublin office on 6th February and immediately sent it off to Belfast to get the visa.  Despite that being 46 years ago, I still have that passport.  I never did get to America that summer and in fact the passport only has one stamp in it……when I went to Palma, Mallorca in July 1972.

Irish Passport

Irish Passport American Visa

When this passport ran out in 1975, I got a UK passport (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and have had one ever since.


Still talking about dates, on this date in 1993, terrorists set off a bomb in the parking garage under the North Tower of the World Trade Center in NYC.   The explosion killed 6 people and injured 1,042. Thanks to finding a part of the van used by the terrorists and the fact that they weren’t the brightest bombers in the world *, they were soon all caught and each was sentenced to 240 years in prison… they’re going to be really REALLY old when they get out !

As 6 people were killed and that goes nicely into 240, I have to think the sentences were life terms (40 years) for each victim. Or maybe the judge wanted to be absolutely sure they’d not get up to any shenanigans when released and added a bit of TAT….Terrorist Added Tax.

Mohammed Salameh had rented the van from the Ryder Rental Agency in Jersey City and then reported it stolen. He compounded this by insisting that Ryder returned his $400 deposit.

Clearly terrorism wasn’t as well funded back in the day !




2 thoughts on “Friday February 26th, 2016

  1. treklov

    Here’s why I like this blog:

    1. It’s fresh, funny and well-written.

    2. Cool visuals, esp. photos.

    3. Location —- O to be in England.

    4. What ever will he get up to next?

  2. robc0450

    You’ve been offline for such a long time after this blog . . . . I hope that the cottage pie didn’t do you any harm. I like your blog – Rob


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