Who’s Sleeping In My Bed ? No One Tonight !

Right, up front I need to mention the old weight loss/gain “score” that I forgot to add to Monday’s post – the weekly weigh-in day.

Well after my first week, my loss…yes loss…was a barely noticeable 1.6lbs. Then again as all I’d done was to fix myself smaller portions and go for short walks on the treadmill a few times, then that’s a loss I’ll take.

Small steps….and not just on the treadmill.

Soon after publishing my drone blog on Monday, I got a Google notification that someone had taken it and published it on their site without any links to my site. It’s called Good-Planes and despite me leaving a comment politely asking them to delete it, my comment is still awaiting moderation which in this case means it’ll never be accepted by the site owner so I can whistle in the wind, so to speak.

There’s not much I can do about it and it looks like certain key tags in a blog or article get this site’s attention and the blog/text/article gets copied across with no credit given to the real owners. It makes me want to stop putting tags on my blog posts but if I do that, then searches by decent people will never come to me.

I guess it’s not something to lose sleep over but still a bit annoying.

I’m sitting here exhausted after taking delivery of a new mattress and setting it up on my bed. It’s one of those foam ones that come rolled up and vacuum packed but despite knowing this, I never expected it to be so….well small. I’d never even seen one in a store or warehouse. It’s a King size mattress so I assumed it would have been rolled up length ways to create a smaller roll…..5ft….but this was even shorter. How ?!

Mattress 1

The Yodel delivery guy just left it in my front porch as taking it further into the house didn’t come within his pay grade. Having dragged it upstairs (Yodel guy being young, had brought it over his shoulder from his van like some sort of Canadian lumberjack), I got the scissors out and like pulling a cord on an inflatable raft, it opened up to reveal “the packaging trick”.

They’d folded it in half length ways to make it 3ft 3ins to roll up !  I never thought it could be folded in half but I guess with the right equipment, anything is possible. After this first opening stage, this was what it looked like.

Mattress 2

It was still slowly expanding so I had to quickly remove it from the last sealed plastic covering and this was the final result……

Mattress 3

I know it looks a bit thin but hopefully after letting it settle for 24hrs or so (they recommend 72 hrs), it’ll expand to it’s full depth magnificence of 20cms (7.87ins). That’s still half the depth of my current mattress so I’m a bit worried I’ve made a huge mistake.

Time will tell.

For tonight, and maybe a couple more, I’ll be sleeping in a spare room !

Back to Monday and a follow up to the story about my phone’s frozen screen and the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages it sent out thinking it had been stolen/lost. My phone plan doesn’t include MMS messages so when I checked my current bill online, it showed 4 charges for 42p each.  I wasn’t having that so rang EE and a delightful young lady with a soft Irish accent understood my angst and although she said she couldn’t remove the £1.68 charge, she’d be adding a £2 credit to offset it and also give me a little more for my troubles.

Good customer service goes far.

Right, I’ve got the back bedroom bed’s bedding (phew) in the washer and then it’ll go in the dryer so of course I’ve just got an offer for a meal out this evening !  Timing eh !  But don’t feel too bad for me as this afternoon I defrosted one of my Christmas sirloin steaks for my supper which would have been reason enough to have had to turn down the pub meal, although I guess another night in the fridge wouldn’t have spoiled it.

Finally on to the Golden Globes and I was happy that I’d seen most of the winners in each category. Where I’d been remiss was in the tv drama series and tv musical/comedy series categories because both winners were from streaming sites (Hulu and Amazon) so they’d avoided my radar.

Not any more.  If they’re good enough for the Globes, they’re worth a looky look from me.  I’ve now watched 3 episodes of The Marvelous Mr’s Maisel and despite initial negative thoughts, it’s grown on me. It’s obvious that “Money-No-Object” Amazon have gone to great and expensive lengths to faithfully recreate the period (50’s) but it’s really paid off.  For a start, I’ve never seen so many vintage cars in a movie, never mind a tv series. Not just a few going round and round but dozens or more in long street shots. With Alex Borstein as a main character, I felt at home with her – as she’s the voice of Lois Griffin (plus many more) in Family Guy, my all time fav animated series.

I’ve not had time to watch any episodes of the tv drama series winner, The Handmaid’s Tale but a show that won over The Crown, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, has to be given a try.

Maybe tonight, after my steak !

Ok, the washing is done so time to move it to the dryer.  All go today.

But on the up side, surely I’ve lost a few ozs !




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