To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.

Well the snow that fell yesterday evening and was still falling as I went to bed at 3am was mostly gone by the time I got up at 11am.

I’m mentioning these times, which I know aren’t normal for most people, even retired people, because I slept for just over 7hrs.  This was the longest I’ve slept for months if not years and it has to be down to the new mattress.

Putting aside all thoughts of smells and the potential medical issues I’d read about regarding memory foam mattresses, I did learn something very valuable just before bedtime. A cousin from Norn Ireland got in touch after reading yesterday’s blog post to advise me not to use an electric blanket with the mattress. As well as making the bed very hot and uncomfortable due to the heat retention properties of the foam product, an electric blanket could actually damage it.

I did a quick Google search about this advice and sure enough, the overall advice was not to use an electric blanket but in the dead of winter, if you really wanted a warm bed to at least get into, then just have it on for 30 mins max. Just to take the chill off.

So I shot upstairs to turn off my blanket and in due course I may remove it altogether. It had been on its highest setting for the previous 90 minutes so it was certainly a warm bed I got into and I had to immediately throw off the quilt !

Good advice then and thank you Mairead.

This morning I got a text message from my doc’s surgery (doc’s office for my US readers) asking me to reply with my blood pressure reading. This was a first but it turns out the request was sent to lots of patients.

I do regularly take my BP as part of taking responsibility for my own well-being and the reading I texted back was slightly high for me at 121/70.  Not too bad though.

I’m still waiting for the results of my diabetic eye screening test which I had 15 days ago. Despite knowing that letters will be sent to my doctor and to me, if history is followed, I’m expecting the results to appear first on my online medical records website. This is a very useful facility where we can see our records, test results, review prescriptions, request medication, check past/future appointments and book new ones. Everything to avoid actually ringing the dreaded receptionist !

But enough about beds and surgeries, although I’m happy to report that my throat is a bit better today.  Thanks for asking.

I caught a bit of The Ellen Show this afternoon and a guest was Brit luvvie and National Treasure, Dame Helen Mirren who was promoting her latest movie, The Leisure Seeker, co-starring Donald Sutherland. I like both actors and as the movie involves them in an oldies RV trip from Boston to Key West, I thought I’d check it out. Although not out till April 13th, it’s got some reviews already on the IMDB from those seeing it at film festivals etc. And they weren’t very positive at all but mostly because they said it wasn’t a patch on the book it was based on.

The book was written by Michael Zadoorian and HAS received glowing reviews so for once I’ve decided to read the book instead of watching the movie. I downloaded it and will give it a go after I finish my current read, The Jump by Martina Cole.

I tend to only read in bed so it takes a while to get through a book on my Kindle. I’m keeping Ken Follett’s latest, Column of Fire, for when I’m feeling 100% as it’s another behemoth of his and I need both brain cells to be in tip top condition to take in the hundreds of characters he has in his Knightsbridge series. A struggle at my age and my general lack of memory.

Did any of you watch the first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman ?  This is a Netflix series with good ol’ Dave, hobo beard and all, doing one on one interviews in front of an audience on a bare stage (well apart from two chairs and a table with water) with people he admires.

David Letterman

The first episode featured Barack Obama and although it was played “safe”, was devoid of anything remotely controversial and had no references to the Trump presidency, I found it very interesting. Clearly the two are close friends but as Dave didn’t hog the interview as many hosts do,  Obama came over as a very well educated, articulate, eloquent family man who knew his roots and their importance to how he conducted his time in office. A classy president.

Basically he came over as everything his successor is not !

Next up will be George Clooney but whether he tells any salacious tales remains to be seen. I think the safe bar has been set already, either by Netflix or Dave…or both, so I think that any discussions about Hollywood sex scandals or misconduct will be off limits.

I’d like to be proved wrong.

Right, time for supper and as I’ve got my appetite back, I’m fixing spare ribs and chips.

I’m sure that contains all the healthy food groups and will help build up my strength.

After all, I have a lot of tv to watch, books to read and trips to plan.

Retirement isn’t all fun and games.

P.S. Hell yes it is !





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