Mid Week Musings…..

Just back from Sainsbury’s and it was puzzling to see so many men at the self checkouts with a basket containing just flowers and/or chocolates.

No idea why !

I’ve got another 1st World problem to moan about (sorry Joe) because when I got in the car today, it was the first time since I got my new phone that I tried to fit it into the Hyundai charging cradle on the dashboard.  That’s when I discovered that the charging connection on the left of the cradle is for micro USB ports (which was fine for the S7) but the S8 has a USB-C port !

Hyundai Phone Cradle

My Hyundai Dash

I contacted Hyundai and they helpfully told me they are developing a new cradle for USB-C connections and to keep an eye on their website for news.  Yeah right, in development. I’m not holding my breath.

However I may have a work around as the phone did come with a micro USB to USB -C adapter but small as it is and although it DOES allow me to connect the phone to the cradle, it increases the overall length so much that the far end of the phone won’t fit inside the cradle casing.

I guess some tape, double sided sticky pads or blu-tac should hopefully hold the far end of the phone in place as I’ve found the ability to have the phone slotted into this charger to be such a boon on road trips.

Hopefully my very limited DIY skills will be up to the job.

Back to Sainsbury’s and it soon became obvious from the end-of-aisle offers that the Chinese New Year was approaching as just about every related product was on offer. It’s on Friday for those interested and it’ll be the Year of the Dog.

Go woof.

This was good news as I was planning on getting a load of Chinese ready meals anyway, for times when I just can’t be arsed cooking anything more complicated. I’m finding these times are becoming more frequent as I get older…..and lazier.  The range of excellent ready meals is really astonishing.

A sign of the times I guess.

Back in the day ready meals were only slightly more appetising than eating the cardboard packaging they came in.  Then we went all fresh food cooked from scratch and now ready meals are back – but new improved ready meals where the food tastes like….food.

My flidge is full.  Ah so.  (ok probably not PC on that bit).

At the checkout I was also able to use the £2 voucher I got in the post when I complained about the photo on the Baxter’s Highlander’s Broth tin looking nothing like the weak potato-less and mostly meatless soup in my bowl.

I know.  I complain a lot.  That comes with age too.

I didn’t really want more soup and the voucher was due to expire soon but when I read the T&Cs, I noticed it was for any product made by the parent company, Unilever.

This opened up a whole new world of opportunity and when I saw that Magnum ice cream was a Unilever product, my decision was made.  And when I found that a tub of delicious Magnum ice cream was reduced to £2, well Baxter’s loss was Magnum’s gain.

Oh Oh Oh……..I was just talking to my friend Daphne on Whatsapp and relating the sad tale of my phone v cradle and when I was mentioning the work around options of tape, blu-tac etc, it suddenly came to me….an elastic band !

That’s all I need and best of all, as well as being simple, there will be no mess and if the band is tight enough, no slippage or wobblyness either.

I may have made up that word.

But now it’s supper time……Chinese something or other with ice cream to follow.






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