Five Rise Locks & Scalebar Falls

I’d planned to do today’s trip yesterday (Tues) but on Monday evening I was eating supper and bit into a really hard part of a breaded chicken goujon and it really jarred a bottom molar. Little did I realise at the time that it may have caused a crack in the molar which was really a solid filling sitting on top of the remnants of the tooth.

And probably 30 years old !

Later that night I had a chocolate chip muffin and felt that a choc piece was exceptionally hard so took it out for a look and saw it wasn’t chocolate at all……but a bit of the filling.


As it was after 10pm I could only leave a msg on the dentist’s answer machine – I didn’t need the emergency service as I was in no pain.

Next morning (Tue) the clinic rang to give me a noon appointment and of course that messed up my travel plans and so I went today instead.

I’m taking the lazy way out by linking to the edited video which I uploaded to Vimeo. To see it at its best, make sure you click on the little nut icon and pick 1080p. It wasn’t great footage as the cold affected the battery life and in my efforts to get lots of views before the “Return to Home” feature kicked in, it all went a bit Pete Tong and there was too much jerkiness.

At one point, when at Scalebar Falls, I looked away from the drone while it was moving and it went into some tree branches and fell into the shallows near the falls. I feared the worst and clambered over the rocks expecting to see the drone under water and ruined (which seemed to be the case from the onboard camera view which I was seeing on my phone) but I was very fortunate; the drone had landed mostly on the rocks and although partly wet and with one of the four propellers broken, the body at least was dry.

As it came with a spare propeller, I got away lightly and again will learn from it.


2 thoughts on “Five Rise Locks & Scalebar Falls

  1. Joe McReynolds

    I really like these videos. I’m still amazed at how quickly this aspect of technology has developed. More, please.

    1. silverback69 Post author

      So many rules and regulations but thankfully I only want to capture secluded places and locations without people around…if possible. May have to revisit Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and many drives in Europe. Oh what a shame ! 😎


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