A Brief History Of…..Me.

Is it Spring yet ?  Yes and no !

Some days the temp rises to an almost comfortable 10c but then plunges to minus overnight. Now the forecast is for snow at the weekend.

In mid March.

I was hoping to turn off the central heating till October but I guess that idea has gone out the window.  Despite the double glazing !

And despite only being Wednesday, I’ve had two medical type procedures already this week.

Yesterday I went to the local hospital’s outpatient dept to have an AAA….an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening.  This involved having an ultrasound scan of my abdomen to check the wall of my aorta, the main blood vessel that supplies blood to my body, which can get weak with age and start to expand. If it gets beyond a certain point, it can rupture and as that is usually followed by death, it’s a good idea to prevent that happening.

Our wonderful NHS offers this screening to those 65 and older and if all is normal, further screenings are not needed. The thinking is that you’re more likely to die from something else if the aorta is normal at this age.

So I tootled along at 2pm for my 2:10pm appointment and was seen immediately as I was the only one there. After my substantial belly was gelled and scanned, I was told my aorta’s diameter was 1.6 cms and with the normal diameter being less than 3.0cms, I was good to go.  It had just gone 2:10pm !!

Waiting….what waiting ?

While being scanned, I asked the technician if she could tell me if it was a boy or a girl and bless her, she didn’t say that was only the 300th time she’d been asked that and instead, gave a slight laugh and kept scanning.

What she thought was probably another matter.

Today I left the NHS behind and went to my dentist to have my temporary crown removed and replaced by a permanent ceramic one.  The procedure was over just as quickly, and painlessly, as my abdominal scan and I celebrated by going to the nearby Cooplands and having a bacon sandwich and a cappuccino.

Well I had to take the crown for a test run.

Of course these stories didn’t make the news because the death of Stephen Hawking overshadowed them.  No matter how often I listen to people describing why he was a genius and on a par with Einstein, I still can’t take it in.  I often wondered if one person said it back in his early days and no one had the nerve to disagree. I mean I’ve never seen video of him actually saying anything other than quotable quotes. Still, if nothing else, he deserves recognition for just surviving over 40 years with MND.


Now I’d be the first to admit that theoretical physics isn’t my strong point and no matter how many episodes of The Big Bang Theory I watch, I’m still none the wiser. I do understand most of the jokes although there aren’t many about black holes or quantum mechanics and let’s face it, Barry Kripke is as hard to understand as Hawking.

Penny is great eye candy though so that’s a start.

Hawking On Geeks

I still think that given the levels of technology these days, his synthesised voice could have been updated to sound more like James Earl Jones and less like Darth Vader on helium.

The way these things happen, the death of a lesser genius was also announced today, namely Jim Bowen.

Much lesser.

JB was the host of the very popular dart themed quiz show, Bullseye.  One of his unintentional catchphrases was “here’s what you COULD have won” which he said at the end of the show if the contestants had failed to win the star prize.

The “curtain” would rise and out would come a car or a complete bathroom suite or a video of a fabulous holiday destination or some such prize while we’d be treated to a close up of a beaming Jim alongside the two contestants looking less than pleased with this outcome.

Classic tv.

One of the best was when a couple DID win the star prize and out from behind the curtain was pushed…..a speedboat.

The couple came from Birmingham, the UK’s second city and right in the middle of the country and despite having 3 rivers running through it, none is large enough or deep enough to be navigable by any boat of a reasonable size (i.e. by nothing much larger than a canoe).

And this was in pre eBay days.

I wonder where that speedboat is now ?   Probably full of flowers and plants in an allotment in Solihull.

RIP Stephen and Jim.

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