When One Door Opens……..

First….a rant !

Welllllll it wouldn’t be me without a rant or two now would it ?!

I’ve just returned from a Tesco shopping trip (more detail on that later) and putting car park reversing drivers to one side, this time my rant is a double one….

  1. Cars with no lights on when it’s overcast, raining, foggy or just plain hard to see.
  2. Cars with faulty indicators – they MUST be faulty otherwise why would they not be used ?

Today is a typical British spring day, overcast and dull. Definitely a day when lights are needed to help other drivers see you more easily….NOT for you to see better yourself.

I add that bit because I suspect the reason these “no lighters” would say they don’t need lights on is because they can see other cars perfectly well.

Maybe that’s because THEY have their lights on, eh ?

I just don’t understand it.  It’s not like having your lights on uses more petrol or anything. And if the rain is heavy, you have to turn on your lights by law. Many don’t…..or use side lights which are as useful as an ejector seat on a helicopter.

Most modern cars have “running lights” but clearly their owners aren’t aware that normally (like on mine) this setting doesn’t light the rear ones and in heavy rain seeing the car in front of you is as important, or more so,  as seeing the one coming towards you.

Indicators. Now I know that we all occasionally forget to use them, especially when a passenger or kids in the back are rabbiting on about something and distracting us a bit.

But come on, every single car I saw today not indicating at roundabouts or even when turning at a junction had only the driver inside. And, trying not to be sexist here, most were women.

I’ll leave that fact with no further comment.

Again…..why ?  Why not indicate ?  At best you hold up traffic waiting to join as they can’t read your mind; at worst you may hit, or be hit by, another car for the same reason.

Ok, I’ll never change the habits of people who do both these things but hey, this helped get it off my chest – for now.

Now for the extra bit about my Tesco shopping trip today.

Yesterday, on a trip to Costco, I bought 2 collapsible crates so I could load shopping into them as I walk the supermarket aisles and then simply reload the items back into them at the checkout and finally transfer the full crates into the car.

No more bags (sometimes just one could be taken up by a large bulky item) and the crates can then be taken into the house much more easily than multiple bags.

Now I know this isn’t new and shoppers have used crates for years and even collapsible ones have been around a while. But what can I tell you – they are new for me and today was their first supermarket test and although I just needed one crate for my small shop, it worked a treat and even the cashier remarked on it.

Shopping Crate

I could get a part time job as a home shopping delivery man.

This last story links both previous topics – being forgetful (giving those drivers the benefit of the doubt) and the crates.

As I said, I was at Costco yesterday and my usual pre shopping routine is to go to the cafe area and get a hot dog and soda. I then drink what’s left as I go around the warehouse and after checking out, get a free refill to take to the car.

At the checkout yesterday, in preparation for loading the items into the newly bought crates (decided I might as well use them there and then), I popped my drink onto the payment shelf – and then forgot to take it with me. I guess the excitement of using the crates overwhelmed me !

I stopped off at the cafe again to get an ice cream (3 scoops in a tub) and off I went to my car. Now I’d managed to park in the closest bay possible to the warehouse as to my right were two extra large bays reserved for their rental vans and those bays were empty. Wanting to put my ice cream tub somewhere safe, I opened the driver’s door and put it into one of the cup holders and then went back to open the tailgate to put the crates into the back.

With the tailgate closed and cart/trolley empty, I suddenly remembered my drink !  Now even I wouldn’t have gone back for it but as I was returning the cart anyway, I decided to get it. Walking away from the car, I locked it without looking back and went to get my drink.

Have you spotted what I didn’t do ?

I went to the checkouts and the lady had put my drink to one side so I did get it back. After filling it up, I went to the exit and with nothing obstructing my view to my car, I was gobsmacked to see the driver’s door was open !!!  Wide open.

That’s what I’d forgotten to do……close it.

I rushed over to the car expecting to see something missing from it and was sooooo relieved to find nothing had been taken. To be fair, the Costco car park isn’t really the place where you’d expect anything to be taken from a car but an open door would have tested the honesty of a few people.  I think anyone passing would have assumed the driver was around, maybe putting the cart back.

Not inside the warehouse for about 4-5 minutes as I was.

Maybe this memory thingy is more serious than I thought.

Memory Cartoon


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