More Random Musings…..

So recently I’ve watched another 3 of the best picture Oscar nominees and added to the ones I’ve already seen, this has to be the poorest selection in years…..or ever.  Of course this is only my opinion and reading reviews of these movies, makes me think I’m either very hard to please or somehow I miss a deeper aspect of a movie.  Or both.

The Shape of Water was enjoyable enough but hardly Oscar nominee worthy.  It was quirky, at times funny, kept my attention and I know I “got it” but still…….

Up next was Get Out and I’ll agree up front that it was not my genre of movie as I avoid horror like the plague. Not that they scare me….I just find them silly.

Generic Scene 472 : Noise upstairs in spooky old house at night so go up with a weak torch or candle stick despite knowing there is a mass murderer around and you’ve already found several bodies in several downstairs rooms.

Yeah, that kind of thing. Come on !

But Get Out was slightly off genre and didn’t have out and out horror at all. Sadly it didn’t have much of anything at all and so I say again, not Oscar nominee worthy.

Worst of all was Call Me By Your Name which was a French/Italian mix telling the story of a 17 yr old boy trying to sort out his sexuality in a way that only those countries can express well on film. Actually I’m not sure why I even think there is a French aspect to this at all as it’s 100% set in Northern Italy but everything about it screamed France to me.

I would never in a million years have felt it was a nominee if I’d not known it before watching. Yes it was a beautifully filmed movie, the acting was adequate, the scenery was stunning – but that was it.  The plot wasn’t new and the pace was a bit slow even for me.

I’ve still to see Phantom Thread but so far, Three Billboards is the stand out nominee and should be a shoe in for the Oscar.

And the runt of the litter…..OMG it has to be Dunkirk.

In my opinion of course.  Which happens to be the right one.

Speaking of The Right One, I’m currently watching Tiger Woods playing in his first PGA Tour event in a year. With Big Phil also in the field, it’s like the old days and I for one welcome Tiger back into the fold. For a decade or more Woods/Mickelson were the Nicholas/Watson for a generation and pushed each other like few other pairs have done.

He may just be happy making the cut for the weekend but I hope he does even better.

Golf needs Woods as much as he needs golf.

Stay healthy, Tiger.

My 2 year phone plan ends in March but as it’s within 45 days, I can now upgrade to a new phone without any penalty. I’ve only ever had phones from 2 manufacturers, initially HTC and lately Samsung. I’m not a fan of Apple products although I know their phones are excellent, especially the cameras in them.

This is an issue for me as I use my phone a lot for photography as usually it’s the only device I have on me when presented with something worth recording.

So I’ll probably just upgrade from my current S7 to the S8 as I see little point in waiting for the S9 and as it’s been out a while, prices are reasonable now.  In fact I think I’ll pay the same as my old plan so it’s a no brainer.

It’s funny that the word phone is still used for these amazing devices as making an actual phone call is probably their least used feature. Certainly for me.

I have unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 5gbs of data in my plan as that was the only plan on offer when I pre purchased the S7.  I’ve never used even close to 1gb of data a month and thanks to Whatsapp, only make about a dozen calls and send half a dozen texts on average a month.

So a tad overkill on the plan !

With the S8 being out a while, I’m seeing plan offers much more to my liking although unlimited calls and texts do seem to be the entry level.

I dropped my phone while on holiday in Belgium about 16 months ago and cracked the screen in several places…hairline cracks. It’s a sign of the times that I didn’t want to part with it to be fixed so if nothing else, it’ll be nice to have a fully scratch/crack free screen with a new phone.

Watch this space…..or blog.

This blog automatically loads notifications to Twitter and Facebook but if a post contains no photos, Facebook seems to want to fill the void with photos from previous posts. As this may be confusing to some, I’ll try and bung in photos to stop it doing that.

And so in the depth of winter why not think about warmer days and here are a couple from a 2004 cruise to the Hawaiian Islands……


Nothing like getting 3 Hard Rock Cafe logos into 2 photos.

And look, the dude had hair. Some.

Well I did say 2004.


And The Winner Is……

This morning I got the result of my diabetic eye screening test which was on 2nd January.

I passed !

The actual wording was…….

Your test result appeared normal. This means you are at very little risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy at this time.

Happy as I am with this, I do wish they hadn’t bothered with some of those words :-

  • appeared
  • very little risk
  • at this time

When I told my friend, Daphne, who knows about these things, she told me those in the medical world don’t like being 100% positive in case things come back to bite them in the proverbial.

Fair enough. It’s the same as I got last year so at least it’s consistent.

Moving on, this BBC headline caught my eye today…….

Meat supplier to Wetherspoon’s probed over food hygiene.

This seems like quite a harsh and deeply personal punishment but then it may not have been his first time. We don’t have all the facts !

I know….it’s been a slow day.


Health And Safety.

Well it’s been a funny old day and no mistake.

First up, I got it a wee bit wrong with the Oscar nominations forecast yesterday as The Shape Of Water got 13 and Three Billboards “only” got 7.

Despite Variety claiming it got 9 nods.

And speaking of mistakes, I was on the end of a belter this evening. Just after 7pm I got an email from my electricity company. NPower, stating they had been unable to collect my direct debit payment. The email started as follows……

Your bank has been in touch to let us know that your account has been transferred to a different bank or branch. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to collect your regular payment.

Now there is a bit of truth to this as my bank branch did change the last two digits of all customer’s sort codes last November due to an internal re-organisation but they said they would contact any company that used standing orders/direct debits to get money from my account to let them know about the change. They also said they’d accept the old sort code for a further 3 years.

I’ve no idea how they worded this change but I’ve had a few companies saying they have updated my details based on me changing accounts etc. I’ve NOT changed accounts….just my sort code. Anyway, until this evening there hasn’t been an issue and my bills have been paid in full as usual.

This email went on……..

Because your current Standard SC Electricity DD tariff is only available if you pay by Direct Debit we’ll also need to transfer you to a new contract on our Standard SC Electricity ROB tariff on 21 February 2018 shown over the page. This new tariff may cost you more and unfortunately you will also lose the discount you currently receive for paying by Direct Debit.

I had to smile at the irony of calling it a ROB tariff !

This was so worrying that I thought it was a scam. I checked and checked but as I wasn’t being asked to give up any personal information and everything in the email seemed kosher (apart from the fact it should never have been sent to me), I went to my bank app and saw that the bill amount HAD gone out via DD. I then went to the NPower app and it also showed the bill had been paid and my account was £0.00 in debit.

So wtf was that email all about ? And would the “punishments” be activated or what ?

Needless to say I’ll be ringing tomorrow and demanding an explanation.

Still on the theme of worrying, this next item wasn’t in the same league although initially it was.

As mentioned before, I’m still waiting for the results of my diabetic eye screening from 3 weeks ago and have been checking my online medical records as well as the post.

So when I got a letter from the NHS, I assumed the results were in. I ripped it open and the word that jumped out at me from a line near the top in bold capitals looked like ABNORMAL

Once my heart rate returned to normal and I read it again, I saw it was ABDOMINAL….followed by AORTIC and ANEURYSM.

Oh yeah, much better !

Thankfully the last word in bold capitals was SCREENING.

Apparently this free screening offer is sent out to all men during their 65th year. Lovely. Screen me for something I’d never even thought about as needing to be screened.

Happy days.

As it’s just an ultrasound screening, I’ll get the results before I leave the hospital and if all is well, I’ll never be screened again. I think this is because something else is more likely to do me in than my abdominal aorta bursting. Good to know.

And getting the results there and then means I’ll not have to get a followup letter with a stress inducing ABNORMAL ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSM message.

Finally today, I narrowly avoided crashing into the right side of a car due to a little old lady looking one way but not the other as she came out onto the main road I was on.

My dash cam caught the incident and here are two stills from the video as I’ve not had time to edit the footage to just show the 10-15 seconds that it took to complete.

I was pulling away from traffic lights but it’s a busy area near Moortown Corner in North Leeds with a few side roads so I was only going at 21mpg as shown in the photo below. I spotted the woman in the white car beginning to pull out but I was sure she’d stop when she saw I was almost upon her.

She didn’t.

I think she looked to her left and saw a red car stopped and positioned to turn into the road she was leaving. (I’m not sure if he was indicating to turn in and the photo doesn’t help.)


Realising she was clear from her left, she just keep coming out onto the main road I was on and so I hit the brakes – so hard that they activated the hazard lights which is what is supposed to happen if you brake hard in my car as that alerts those behind and hopefully averts a rear end shunt. ESS…..Emergency Stop Signal.

This next still, taken 4 seconds later when we were both stationery, is when I’m mouthing obscenities at her and she’s sitting looking straight ahead, about to drive off to complete her turn onto the main road as if nothing much had happened.


The photo hasn’t been edited so I think I did pretty good stopping in such a short distance as if you checkout the buildings, it clear I went from 21mph to zero in a very short distance. The Hyundai has an excellent braking system with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) as well as good old ABS.

All were switched on and despite a damp road, I braked straight.

And before I got to my destination, another car pulled out of a left side road but at least stopped before reaching the mid point so I was able to veer around them uttering more obscenities. Of course if something had been coming the other way, there would have been a much different outcome as I’d have hit them head on with that avoiding movement.

Maybe my car needs cleaning so it makes more of an impression on people or more likely, some people need to better judge the speed and distance of oncoming traffic…..oh and look both ways.


The Reality Of TV.

First up…the weigh-in.

Down another 2.6lbs from last week.  Now I’d normally be very happy about this but as I’ll admit to having done no exercise at all…..not a second on the treadmill….then I’m a bit puzzled and slightly worried how I’ve lost that much. All told, I’m down 6.4lbs in the month so far.

At this rate I might just be under the obese bar… next Christmas !

Ok gotta get a gripe out of the way. No, not a grape, a gripe.

When a tv series, or a movie for that matter, spends a lot on everything from the best locations and cinematography, quality actors etc etc, why do they throw ridiculous, unrealistic and unnecessary events into the plot ?

The latest one to grind my gears is Hard Sun, a beautifully photographed series currently being shown on BBC1. Now I’ll mostly gloss over the plot by saying it’s a sort of  end of the world (in 5 years) story that the government is trying to keep a secret to stop panic and anarchy (the usual reasons), but a nutter, among others, knows about it and is going around randomly killing people to add a bit of extra drama to the series.

No one, apart from a priest who he confessed it all to and is sticking to the privacy of the confessional, knows what he looks like and yet the following happened in the latest episode….remember the whole country knows about him but not who he is or what he looks like. Ok read on……

The scene is inside a barber’s shop in London looking out through the huge plate glass window to the pavement and street beyond. Several people are having a cut and blow (stop that now !) when Mr. Nutter comes along with a petrol can and starts pouring it over a car right in front of the shop. Because it’s Britain, he’s only armed with a baseball bat as here we kill our fellow citizens with dignity whilst getting some exercise at the same time.

When he got out a lighter and it became obvious what he planed to do, the shop and/or car owner (I assume) went out to reason with him, as you do, and went right up to this bat wielding nutter. Not surprisingly, except to him it seems, he got a sweet blow to the head, fell down and Mr. Nutter reduced him to a bloody mess as everyone in the shop looked on in horror from the safety of the plate glass window.

After burning a good few calories batting the owner to a pulp, the nutter covered him in petrol for his efforts and proceeded to flambe both him and the car before strolling off to look for another victim

Now to me, several things jumped out as being totally implausible in this day and age….even in London;  for a start it wasn’t raining; then there were enough people watching from the shop to have gone out and overpowered Mr. Nutter given that he only had a baseball bat as a weapon. Next, considering it was a street in London, not a soul could be seen in all the views we had looking up and down said street. Maybe they had been held back during filming but that kind of shattered the illusion of reality.

But most of all, when I saw that not one “spectator” got out a phone to either get a photo of this unknown man to help find him later OR took a video clip to put up on social media, then my gears were well and truly ground. Unlikely ?

No, Impossible.

Now I know it’s a tv series and if the authorities found out what he looked like, the plot would have been shortened by…..well minutes, as it turned out. They learned his name and what he looked like by other means before the episode ended, so really little would have needed to be changed if only they’d let a bit of realism creep into the story line. I mean Mr. Nutter could have been attacked by the onlookers and still managed to get away.  If you like a bit of gratuitous violence, he could still have set fire to idiot No.1 and the car to use up part of the budget before being attacked.

Despite watching lots of US tv series and having to accept ludicrous events (why do the 2 or 3 main characters in a crime show be the only ones to go after the villains in a warehouse or other building and then have to chase them on foot, maybe with a bit of shooting or kick boxing thrown in, before they admit defeat and THEN call for backup or issue the order to “set up a perimeter”), I never understand why a few of the sillier ones don’t get rewritten when doing so wouldn’t take any effort and would help keep a sense of reality in this most unreal of situations.

I know…and before you say it, I need a life !

Today I was thinking the very same thing as I realised I was getting excited by the start of Tipping Point !!

It’s awards season and we’ve already had a couple of the big ones with The Golden Globes (voted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) and The Screen Actors Guild Awards (voted by….well lots of movie type people) last night.

I like watching the award shows. Actually I like watching them the next day, so I can fast forward the ads, the red carpet crap and especially the speeches. Last year it was everything black and this year it’s everything women, ironically when dressed all in black !

But the big one, The Oscars, is approaching and the nominees are being announced tomorrow. I think I’ll have seen most of them so am going to do a bit of a forecast.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri will get the most nominations, including Best Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. It’ll win them all.

Three Billboards

Darkest Hour will provide the best actor.

Darkest Hour

Coco will get the gong for best animation.


Music awards will be taken by The Greatest Showman.

The Greatest Showman

Director is too hard to call.

Then again, The Oscars aren’t till 4th March so I reserve the right to sneak back to this post and edit it !

It’s just lucky that it’s not being shown at the same time as Tipping Point.

Tipping Point






To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.

Well the snow that fell yesterday evening and was still falling as I went to bed at 3am was mostly gone by the time I got up at 11am.

I’m mentioning these times, which I know aren’t normal for most people, even retired people, because I slept for just over 7hrs.  This was the longest I’ve slept for months if not years and it has to be down to the new mattress.

Putting aside all thoughts of smells and the potential medical issues I’d read about regarding memory foam mattresses, I did learn something very valuable just before bedtime. A cousin from Norn Ireland got in touch after reading yesterday’s blog post to advise me not to use an electric blanket with the mattress. As well as making the bed very hot and uncomfortable due to the heat retention properties of the foam product, an electric blanket could actually damage it.

I did a quick Google search about this advice and sure enough, the overall advice was not to use an electric blanket but in the dead of winter, if you really wanted a warm bed to at least get into, then just have it on for 30 mins max. Just to take the chill off.

So I shot upstairs to turn off my blanket and in due course I may remove it altogether. It had been on its highest setting for the previous 90 minutes so it was certainly a warm bed I got into and I had to immediately throw off the quilt !

Good advice then and thank you Mairead.

This morning I got a text message from my doc’s surgery (doc’s office for my US readers) asking me to reply with my blood pressure reading. This was a first but it turns out the request was sent to lots of patients.

I do regularly take my BP as part of taking responsibility for my own well-being and the reading I texted back was slightly high for me at 121/70.  Not too bad though.

I’m still waiting for the results of my diabetic eye screening test which I had 15 days ago. Despite knowing that letters will be sent to my doctor and to me, if history is followed, I’m expecting the results to appear first on my online medical records website. This is a very useful facility where we can see our records, test results, review prescriptions, request medication, check past/future appointments and book new ones. Everything to avoid actually ringing the dreaded receptionist !

But enough about beds and surgeries, although I’m happy to report that my throat is a bit better today.  Thanks for asking.

I caught a bit of The Ellen Show this afternoon and a guest was Brit luvvie and National Treasure, Dame Helen Mirren who was promoting her latest movie, The Leisure Seeker, co-starring Donald Sutherland. I like both actors and as the movie involves them in an oldies RV trip from Boston to Key West, I thought I’d check it out. Although not out till April 13th, it’s got some reviews already on the IMDB from those seeing it at film festivals etc. And they weren’t very positive at all but mostly because they said it wasn’t a patch on the book it was based on.

The book was written by Michael Zadoorian and HAS received glowing reviews so for once I’ve decided to read the book instead of watching the movie. I downloaded it and will give it a go after I finish my current read, The Jump by Martina Cole.

I tend to only read in bed so it takes a while to get through a book on my Kindle. I’m keeping Ken Follett’s latest, Column of Fire, for when I’m feeling 100% as it’s another behemoth of his and I need both brain cells to be in tip top condition to take in the hundreds of characters he has in his Knightsbridge series. A struggle at my age and my general lack of memory.

Did any of you watch the first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman ?  This is a Netflix series with good ol’ Dave, hobo beard and all, doing one on one interviews in front of an audience on a bare stage (well apart from two chairs and a table with water) with people he admires.

David Letterman

The first episode featured Barack Obama and although it was played “safe”, was devoid of anything remotely controversial and had no references to the Trump presidency, I found it very interesting. Clearly the two are close friends but as Dave didn’t hog the interview as many hosts do,  Obama came over as a very well educated, articulate, eloquent family man who knew his roots and their importance to how he conducted his time in office. A classy president.

Basically he came over as everything his successor is not !

Next up will be George Clooney but whether he tells any salacious tales remains to be seen. I think the safe bar has been set already, either by Netflix or Dave…or both, so I think that any discussions about Hollywood sex scandals or misconduct will be off limits.

I’d like to be proved wrong.

Right, time for supper and as I’ve got my appetite back, I’m fixing spare ribs and chips.

I’m sure that contains all the healthy food groups and will help build up my strength.

After all, I have a lot of tv to watch, books to read and trips to plan.

Retirement isn’t all fun and games.

P.S. Hell yes it is !





Getting The Silentnight Treatment.

I’ve not posted for a few days because I’ve not been well. Not exactly proper poorly but not well.

It started late Thursday night when I went to bed feeling light headed, a bit achy, sneezing and with the start of a sore throat. I was hoping that sleep would do its magic and I’d be fine in the morning so I could visit my friends and enjoy the “Chinese and a Movie” that we have most Fridays. (I was excited to watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri but it will have to wait till next Friday.)

But next morning I wasn’t any better and had all the get up and go of a discharged energizer bunny.  I cancelled both visits and I’ve not left the house since. All the symptoms had gone by Friday evening but the sore throat has persisted, despite short periods when it’s been fine.

I’ve not felt like blogging – in fact I’ve not felt like doing much of anything, including eating, which has at least helped with my weight loss.

Every cloud, eh ?

So that’s the medical update.


Next, the weight. Well when I got the scales out yesterday, weigh-in day, the display was acting up. Duff battery.  Actually it would show 0.0 but that was it. When I got on, it changed to –.- but upon getting off, it just went back to 0.0.

As it’s a sort of watch type battery and I didn’t have a spare, I removed it and left it in the kitchen to take with me when I eventually go out shopping. This morning (Tue) I decided to give it another try and after first warming it in my hand, it worked.

I’m not sure of its accuracy but I settled on the weight and that was a loss of 2.2lbs to make an overall loss of 3.8lbs in the first 2 weeks.

I’ll take that.

So that’s the weight update.

It’s the time of year when many adverts are from holiday companies, many wanting us to BOOK EARLY to get a bargain. I ignore all these adverts because they’re mostly for all inclusive package tours where you pay up front and everything is included. I took my first, and last, package tour in 1971 when I went to Arenal, Majorca.

It was ok but that was enough to make me realise packages were not for me and I’ve built my own holidays ever since, mostly fly drives to America and road trips around Europe.

For some reason, despite buying a new car in March, the only road trip I took was spending 4 nights down in Cornwall.  So I want to do a lot more this year and want to start planning early, if not booking early. By booking early I mean the ferry across to mainland Europe. At the moment I’m thinking about Wales/Scotland which would be 2 short trips (10-14 days each) and of course I can make use of Airbnb again but also look out for the many excellent bed and breakfast places along the roads, especially in Scotland.

That way, by not pre booking anywhere, I can just return home as and when I’ve had enough. Or extend the trips if there are more places to visit.

The Europe trip will take a lot more planning as I’ve been to most of the western countries over the last few years and going further afield will mean a longer drive just to get there.  Of course an option is to use a ferry to take me further than the usual Dover to Calais/Dunkirk crossing that I’ve taken in the past.  Another option would be to fly and rent a car but I like driving and don’t want to be restricted to the luggage allowances on planes these days.

And being able to use my phone plan abroad will be huge and make booking an Airbnb stopover so much easier every time as I won’t have to find a wifi spot.

But that’s all part of the fun of planing. And once I’ve decided on places to drive to/through, the getting there and back planning can begin.

In my last post from 6 days ago, I mentioned that my first ever memory foam mattress had arrived (Silentnight Now 7 Zone King Size) and was being “aired” for a few days to let it breath and expand fully as it had been vacuum packed for delivery.

Well because I’d not felt well since Saturday when I had planned to setup the bed for sleeping in that night, I remained in the back bedroom till Sunday and used the time to clean all the bedding and actually get the new mattress into place as it had just been lying on top of the old one. That took some doing and switching over two mattresses is no joke for one person as both had very different properties. The new one was relatively thin and very flexible so it was like moving a very long, wide salmon. It kept falling on top of me as I moved it to one side of the bedroom in order to remove the old mattress.

Jeez that old one was built to resist a bunker busting missile and apart from being about 14ins deep, was almost inflexible. Thankfully it had 2 handles on each side which reminded me of the coffin I felt I was going to end up in moving it across the landing to the small 3rd bedroom.  When I say moving, I mean dragging it and then then pushing it far enough into the room to be able to close the door and forget about it till another day.

I was so happy that the new mattress slotted perfectly into the bed frame but it looked so low compared to the old one. I fitted the mattress protector over it, then the electric blanket, then the fitted sheet, finally adding the pillow and the quilt.

All ready for that night.

Several hours later and it was time to find out if I could sleep on a foam mattress and the answer – hell yes.

The initial weirdness wore off in a few minutes and I was overcome with feelings of support and comfort like I’d never experienced at home. I was also almost overcome with the smell from the mattress despite experiencing it since it arrived. Lying face down on it with my nose and mouth practically on it (I sleep on the very edge of a pillow), I had the full effect for the first time. This particular chemical smell was mentioned in almost every review I’d read before buying the mattress and seemed to range from days to weeks before it faded. Indeed it never did in some cases.

Some reviewers said it gave them sore throats, headaches and nausea so having reread lots of Amazon reviews, it would be tempting to blame the arrival of the mattress with my ongoing sore throat !  There are even sites stating that the odour from memory foam mattresses could be toxic and/or carcinogenic and long term effects are unknown.


All I know is that I’m getting my back well supported and am loving it so far. I just need to get out and about, exercise more, burn off some calories and get myself tired enough each night to get more than the 3 hrs I’m currently getting.

But until my throat feels better and the snow that came today has melted, that’s not going to happen.

Updates on those tomorrow……..


Who’s Sleeping In My Bed ? No One Tonight !

Right, up front I need to mention the old weight loss/gain “score” that I forgot to add to Monday’s post – the weekly weigh-in day.

Well after my first week, my loss…yes loss…was a barely noticeable 1.6lbs. Then again as all I’d done was to fix myself smaller portions and go for short walks on the treadmill a few times, then that’s a loss I’ll take.

Small steps….and not just on the treadmill.

Soon after publishing my drone blog on Monday, I got a Google notification that someone had taken it and published it on their site without any links to my site. It’s called Good-Planes and despite me leaving a comment politely asking them to delete it, my comment is still awaiting moderation which in this case means it’ll never be accepted by the site owner so I can whistle in the wind, so to speak.

There’s not much I can do about it and it looks like certain key tags in a blog or article get this site’s attention and the blog/text/article gets copied across with no credit given to the real owners. It makes me want to stop putting tags on my blog posts but if I do that, then searches by decent people will never come to me.

I guess it’s not something to lose sleep over but still a bit annoying.

I’m sitting here exhausted after taking delivery of a new mattress and setting it up on my bed. It’s one of those foam ones that come rolled up and vacuum packed but despite knowing this, I never expected it to be so….well small. I’d never even seen one in a store or warehouse. It’s a King size mattress so I assumed it would have been rolled up length ways to create a smaller roll…..5ft….but this was even shorter. How ?!

Mattress 1

The Yodel delivery guy just left it in my front porch as taking it further into the house didn’t come within his pay grade. Having dragged it upstairs (Yodel guy being young, had brought it over his shoulder from his van like some sort of Canadian lumberjack), I got the scissors out and like pulling a cord on an inflatable raft, it opened up to reveal “the packaging trick”.

They’d folded it in half length ways to make it 3ft 3ins to roll up !  I never thought it could be folded in half but I guess with the right equipment, anything is possible. After this first opening stage, this was what it looked like.

Mattress 2

It was still slowly expanding so I had to quickly remove it from the last sealed plastic covering and this was the final result……

Mattress 3

I know it looks a bit thin but hopefully after letting it settle for 24hrs or so (they recommend 72 hrs), it’ll expand to it’s full depth magnificence of 20cms (7.87ins). That’s still half the depth of my current mattress so I’m a bit worried I’ve made a huge mistake.

Time will tell.

For tonight, and maybe a couple more, I’ll be sleeping in a spare room !

Back to Monday and a follow up to the story about my phone’s frozen screen and the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages it sent out thinking it had been stolen/lost. My phone plan doesn’t include MMS messages so when I checked my current bill online, it showed 4 charges for 42p each.  I wasn’t having that so rang EE and a delightful young lady with a soft Irish accent understood my angst and although she said she couldn’t remove the £1.68 charge, she’d be adding a £2 credit to offset it and also give me a little more for my troubles.

Good customer service goes far.

Right, I’ve got the back bedroom bed’s bedding (phew) in the washer and then it’ll go in the dryer so of course I’ve just got an offer for a meal out this evening !  Timing eh !  But don’t feel too bad for me as this afternoon I defrosted one of my Christmas sirloin steaks for my supper which would have been reason enough to have had to turn down the pub meal, although I guess another night in the fridge wouldn’t have spoiled it.

Finally on to the Golden Globes and I was happy that I’d seen most of the winners in each category. Where I’d been remiss was in the tv drama series and tv musical/comedy series categories because both winners were from streaming sites (Hulu and Amazon) so they’d avoided my radar.

Not any more.  If they’re good enough for the Globes, they’re worth a looky look from me.  I’ve now watched 3 episodes of The Marvelous Mr’s Maisel and despite initial negative thoughts, it’s grown on me. It’s obvious that “Money-No-Object” Amazon have gone to great and expensive lengths to faithfully recreate the period (50’s) but it’s really paid off.  For a start, I’ve never seen so many vintage cars in a movie, never mind a tv series. Not just a few going round and round but dozens or more in long street shots. With Alex Borstein as a main character, I felt at home with her – as she’s the voice of Lois Griffin (plus many more) in Family Guy, my all time fav animated series.

I’ve not had time to watch any episodes of the tv drama series winner, The Handmaid’s Tale but a show that won over The Crown, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, has to be given a try.

Maybe tonight, after my steak !

Ok, the washing is done so time to move it to the dryer.  All go today.

But on the up side, surely I’ve lost a few ozs !