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A Trip to Welsh Wales. Part 6.

Bet you thought (or hoped) that part 6 was never coming…but here it is.

A lot happened between posts and with the World Cup in full swing,  blogging was put on the back burner till today.

I had a cancer scare, found I’ve the beginning of cataracts and am probably diabetic. On the up side, my back is a lot better and I’m still loving my new wok !

So on with Part 6 of my short trip to Welsh Wales and really it’s a bit of an anti-climax as I just spent my last afternoon on Tenby beach. After all the walking and climbing that went before, I really needed a restful afternoon before the drive back to Leeds the next morning.

By the time I’d had a shower in my Cottage Court hotel room and walked the half mile down Narberth Road (A478) to the beach , it was almost 3pm.

This was the view that greeted me and considering how busy Tenby gets in peak season, it was a different story in mid May. Brilliant. It’s the perfect time to be there, unless you want to actually swim in the water as that was a tad cold for all but the most hardy of swimmers……and kids.


Before hitting the beach, I walked along the promenade and bought a meal deal at the Tesco Express in town – a bottle of Cherry Pepsi Max, a sandwich and a slice of cake.

Healthy stuff.

Then I went down to beach level and found a sheltered recess at the large rock you can see better in the first photo. I set up my camping chair and tucked into my snack. As you can see, there wasn’t much happening on the beach to keep me amused so after finishing the sandwich and cake, I got out my Kindle Fire to have a read.


It quickly became clear that reading wasn’t going to be an option as, no matter how I tried to shield it, I just couldn’t see the text on the screen.

I gave up and as there was no one around to annoy, I listened to the Radio 2 app on my phone and chilled in the warm sunshine for a couple of hours.

Now and again I’d hear voices as people strolled past along the shoreline but for the most part, I felt like Robinson Crusoe on a bus man’s holiday !   I may have nodded off for a while as it was my nap time after all and by 5pm I was ready to leave my rock and get some exercise before supper in town.

I decided to walk to the far end of the beach where I knew that there was a steep (semi) private path up to The Park Hotel as I’d stayed at the hotel with friends a few times in the past. A casual beach walker would see the wall to the left in this photo and think that the beach ended there with no option but to return the way they’d come.


As I approached the wall, I came upon this fisherman who seemed to be letting his rod, line and the water do all the hard work.

My kind of fishing.


Continuing my walk, to my left was the start of the path up to The Park Hotel. I wasn’t going to include this photo but as it does kinda show where I was at the time, I’ve added it.

It’s a panorama shot and if you can imagine that the “end of beach wall” shown in a previous photo was at my back, this is the view looking towards the town. The rising concrete area to the right is the start of the path but as you leave it and start the climb, it becomes a single forest type track , almost overgrown in places.


And VERY steep !  When I first used this path a decade or so ago, I could manage it with little effort. Not so now !

Back in the day, staff from the hotel would bring drinks, snacks and even full afternoon tea down to guests on the area of the beach near to the path. I can’t imagine the staff members liking this task much as even young ones would soon tire, literally, of going up and down the path carrying food and drink for those pampered guests.

Once on the concrete starting point, I noticed someone had etched the town name onto the sand and thus created a sort of postcard photo opportunity – which I took.


After several stops along the climb, I finally got to the top and was badly in need of oxygen, a drink and a team of paramedics.

Still breathing heavily, I took a short video of the Italian looking seating area before me and here is a still from that video. I’d dumped my stuff and pulled a chair forward so that after the video, I could collapse onto it to both have a much needed rest and also to enjoy the stunning view back down to the beach and beyond.



Once rested, I walked the last few paces to the hotel and went in to have a few words with the receptionist who I’d spoken with on my arrival in Tenby days earlier. Ok so I really wanted to use the hotel’s wifi to send the video clip to my friends in Leeds who have stayed at the hotel every year since 1896 or something and will be there again in August !

By now it was close to 7pm so there was little point in returning to MY hotel only to go back down into town for a meal, so I headed off into Tenby for some traditional fish and chips again at Fecci’s …..here it is in a screen print from Google Street view.

Fecci's Of Tenby

There were tables set out where that red van is on the left so I got my meal as a takeout and ate it out in the fresh air. Can’t beat fish and chips at the seaside.

It was a lovely evening so after the meal, I wandered around the town as it would be my last chance to do so on this trip. When I finally decided to call it a day, I still couldn’t resist a couple more shots of the beach area as it’s just so damned picturesque, especially when the tide is in at the harbour.



The rising tide had already covered my rock cove so it seemed a good time to head back up to the Cottage Court hotel to prepare for the after breakfast start home in the morning.

I watched a few shows on the laptop before bedtime and 10 hours later was down in the breakfast room to fill up on a full English before setting off.

As I wanted the most direct route home, I just let Waze direct me and as I already knew that the route would take me only a mile or so from friends in Wrexham, I’d arranged to drop in.

So I set off at 9:45am and as it was a Saturday, the roads were quite clear. By 1pm I was at Keith & Jen’s house for lunch (thanks guys). Initially their dog, Toby, wasn’t too happy to see me but after a while, and with some treats, he stopped barking and we’re now friends on Facebook !


The rest of the drive home was mostly on motorways and so I was home at 4:50pm, 25 minutes before the start of the FA Cup Final which had been on my mind when I set off from Tenby, 253 miles earlier.

All in all, over the 5 day trip, I’d only driven 790 miles but then, it wasn’t my usual type of road trip as most of it was spent in and around Tenby.

I’d highly recommend the Cottage Court Hotel to anyone spending time in the Tenby area and just about everywhere around the Pembrokeshire coast is stunning. Once again I’d been very fortunate with the weather considering the time of year and the short time away has encouraged me to plan for another Euro road trip this summer…….after the World Cup of course.

Cefais amser gwych yng Nghymru a gobeithiaf ddychwelyd eto’n fuan.