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  2. Mark

    Just discovered this blog. I’m getting close to retirement and scared about pulling the trigger, it would be very difficult to go back to work later if I run out of money! Anyway, I am going to read this thing it looks like just what I need.

    1. silverback69 Post author

      Hi Mark, thanks for looking in; the blog is probably not going to be of much help to your decision making as my path wasn’t/isn’t typical. I’d always been a saver so had a decent nest egg in a wide spread of stock funds (volatile and safe)and ISAs and then a good company pension. This made my decision to retire much easier and when my company was looking for early retirees my hand shot up. These are all worth considerably more now that when I retired (at 49) in 2001 so I’ve always been in the fortunate position of not needing the state pension and now that is only 3 months away, I’ll be able to use it as pure “spending money”.
      By all means I’d love you to read the blog posts (and work back through the older ones from http://www.retirement-rocks.blogspot.com) and email me if you want to take things outside of the blog.


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