January 8th, 2016

Ok so you know how is it that when there is a total eclipse or a meteor shower in the offing, we’re given plenty of warning about it on the tv and radio.

So how come we got blue skies and even a bit of sunshine today and there wasn’t so much as a “cover your children’s eyes” or “only go out wearing a full hazmat suit” about it ?  Where were the Health & Safety mob when we needed them.  Where were the PTSD councilors ?

I got up this morning, pulled open the blinds and was instantly traumatised.  I thought it was the end of the world.  Armageddon.  The Rapture.

Thankfully the actual yellow orb thingy was behind a whispy cloud or else I’d have been in a quivering heap on the bedroom floor. And not in the usual good way !

After 3 weeks of relentless rain, the shock was physical.  I needn’t have worried though because by the end of the day, I was sure that normal service would be resumed and my sunglasses could go back to their cobweb encrusted corner, probably till mid August.


I popped in to my local Subway to get lunch for myself and my disabled friend who lives nearby but can’t get out of her house.  I got a couple of their £4 sub meals and I seem to have been going so frequently recently that they know me well enough to just ask “the usual” ?  The owner is a little Chinese woman (are there any who aren’t ?) who is always smiling and she wished me a happy new year which was sweet.

When I presented my phone at the till so the girl could scan my QR code, she again gave me the points from the previous customer who did not collect them. The benefit of being a regular customer who always interacts with the staff !  There’s a lesson there.

I’m just waiting for the day I’m next in line after a family of 12 who don’t collect points !


After lunch I went on for my usual Friday Chinese & Movie night with Daphne and Stephen. This time we DID have a Chinese and the movie was Brooklyn.  I’d enjoyed it the first time and was so happy that D&S really enjoyed it this evening too.

Set in the 1950’s, it resonated with me in many ways and it’s so rare to watch a movie these days with no violence and no car chases which left lots of time for character development.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for violence and car chases in movies but there has to be room for movies like Brooklyn. A movie you don’t want to end because you’ve fallen in love with the characters and want to see more of them and their lives.



I left their house at about 10:30pm and decided to drive into the city centre as it was too early to go home !

I’d the phone set up for a Periscope broadcast so about 46 people were with me. I enjoyed the company even though I couldn’t read any of their questions due to having to concentrate on driving AND the fact that at night it was hard/impossible to read what they were typing.

I stopped briefly at the Leeds Arena as it always looks cool at night with the panels changing colours. I wasn’t prepared to get out of the car at that time of night so once back at home and replaying my broadcast footage, I took a couple of screen shots which give some idea of the arena’s changing colours despite not being able to get the whole building in the shot.

Leeds Arena 1

Leeds Arena 2

The arena looks like a Formula 1 driver’s crash helmet and some evening I’ll go into town and get some better photos of the whole building.

As you can see it was dry there but by the time I was home, the rain had returned and looking at the weather radar, it was on for the night.

Like I suggested at the start……normal service !


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